Interactive Fitness, Makers of the Expresso Bike, Now a Training Partner of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – September 11, 2013 – Interactive Fitness, the leading provider of interactive exercise equipment including the popular Expresso HD Bike, today announced that they are a Training Partner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  

Interactive Fitness is extremely pleased to be recognized as a Training Partner of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” said Roger Reina, Interactive Fitness Senior Director.  “The Steelers are leaders in innovative fitness training resources.  Having Expresso Bikes as a component of their ongoing training program is further validation of the incredible functionality, utility and benefits of the Expresso Bike, as well as the Team Cardio software platform, beyond recreational and fitness centers, beyond intramurals, serving college and professional sports programs equally.“

The Expresso Bikes in the Pittsburgh Steelers training facilities are part of the Pittsburgh Steelers recently renovated weight room near Heinz Field, and will also be part of the annual Pittsburgh Steelers Strength & Conditioning Clinic for strength and conditioning coaches in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

“We are thrilled to have the Expresso Bikes from Interactive Fitness,” Steelers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Garrett Giemont said. “The Pittsburgh Steelers pride themselves in providing their players with state of the art technology, and Expresso Bikes from Interactive Fitness prove that they are leaders in the pack.”

Becoming a Training Partner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is another highlight in the growth of Interactive Fitness, which manufactures the Expresso HD line of upright, recumbent, and youth bikes. All Interactive Fitness products provide a software platform that delivers a suite of unique features and benefits for both exercisers and facility operators in the emerging exergaming fitness equipment category.

Well beyond a stationary bike, the Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness is the one product that does it all.  It enables riders to experience full virtual reality, as they ride through over 40 different “worlds,” ranging from a one-mile speed course to a 20-mile mountain climb.  And it replaces “cardio isolation” by keeping the riders “social” -- every Expresso Bike is connected via the Internet, enabling riders to share their rides, and compete “virtually” with riders in other locations around the country, instantly.  

The Expresso Bike features state-of-the-art electronics and features designed to stimulate the mind as well as the body, and enable riders in one location to virtually race against another rider or group of riders in another location.  These “Virtual Races” are stored and remembered, tracking progress automatically as the rider becomes stronger and healthier.  

Additional information on the Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness is available at