Main methods and functions of the Chinese traditional massage

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The massage masters often use their hand or palm force on the people¡¯s body parts where would be massaged. The pushing direction of this kind massage method is the single straight. This kind of nudging method has the functions of sedative, easing discomfort and other effects. This type of methods would be used for the beginning and end of massaging and it could also be inserted between the using of other tactics. The re-launch method could help people clear their blood direction and re-set their entire inner and outer circulation. However, the effect of this kind of method could be used for accelerating the blood and lymph circulation. It can be used at different stages of massage process.

The second method is the rubbing method. The massage master would use different parts of their hand massage shanghai to moving back and forth to rub the people¡¯s body. This kind of method could help people warm the meridians and accelerate the circulation of blood. On the other hand, it could also help people relive their pain feeling can improve the skin temperature and enhance the flexibility of ligaments and other effects. The soft rubbing method could be used for the beginning and end of the massage method. If people want to experience this kind of method, they could find Shanghai escort girls to get this kind of good feeling.

The pressing method is also very commonly in the massage process. People should use their fingers, palm, elbow or other parts of the limbs to push hard on the body parts which would be massaged. However, this kind of pushing should be stayed for some time which is about 30s and then the massage could use the relaxation methods which are from slowly to heavy. This method could help to relax muscles, reduce fatigue, shaping reset and so on. The thumb act could be applied to the meridian points. On the other hand, this kind of method would be combined with thumb rubbing. Palm press method is used for the lower back, shoulders and limbs muscle stiffness or tightness. On the other hand, it could be also used for the joints such as the wrist, ankle and others.

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