Britt Specialty Foods acquires JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters

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July 3, 2013

Media Contact: Charlie Britt

(Cleveland, GA—July 7, 2013) In 2008, Hewlett Packard executive Forrest Graves was laid off two days before Christmas. With $600 in savings, Graves and his wife Debbie parlayed their personal search for the perfect cup of coffee into a high-end coffee roasting business based in Cleveland, GA. Using social media to promote the brand, Graves was able to attract the attention of customers who then become hooked on the coffee.

He quickly developed a global business thanks to the Internet and a dynamic web site.

The company expanded, adding a retail outlet in Helen, GA, a popular tourist destination. In December 2012, JumpinGoat began licensing its product. Charlie Britt, owner of Britt Specialty Foods, based in Destin, Fla, purchased one of the initial two licenses and fell in love with the coffee business.

Today, Britt’s company, Britt Specialty Foods, acquired JumpinGoat in a deal estimated at $3.5 million. Charlie Britt will serve as President and Chief Executive Officer. Founder Graves will remain with the company as chief coffee consultant.

“We are combining resources and like minds to expand JumpinGoat Retail, and to advance the JumpinGoat product offerings,” says Graves. . “Our aim is to come to market with amazing world class license opportunities focused on the small to medium business space.

“The opportunity also allows small mom and pop coffee shops to compete with Big Box retail shops. The business opportunity will provide a bridge for entrepreneurs.”

Both Britt and Graves are enthusiastic about enabling entrepreneurs to join the business with a small investment. They have set up a four-tier structure that enables investors to start out at whatever level they feel comfortable: roasting beans themselves; purchasing roasted beans from corporate; opening a coffee shop; or opening a mobile unit, such as a truck.

“What’s exceptional about this is we can help you scale to whatever your needs are,” says Britt. “We can give you a great opportunity for not a whole lot of money.”

For many years, Britt was in the fundraising business – selling cookie dough to schools, churches and other organizations raising funds for a cause. Although the organizations loved the product, Britt says it was difficult to work with a perishable product like cookie dough that required refrigeration. He was looking for the opportunity to go back into fundraising with a non-perishable product and hit on coffee.

Coffee, he points out, is the second highest selling commodity in the world.

“People drink it every day. It’s a habit. You don’t necessarily eat a hamburger every day or a frozen yogurt, but you drink your coffee every day.”

He found JumpinGoat online and purchased a license. Then he and his wife, former Miss USA Terri Amos-Britt, drove up to Cleveland to meet the Graves and sparks flew. He had the experience that Graves needed to take JumpinGoat to the next level, and when Britt offered to buy the brand, it seemed like a great match.

They decided to sell licenses rather than franchise to allow license holders more creativity and to account for regional tastes in beverages. They also plan to offer tea and hot chocolate as well as JumpinGoat merchandise.

The company will provide training for licensees and will continue to expand the JumpinGoat brand into the retail market.

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