MKE Fashion District- Milwaukee's New Place to Shop

MKE Fashion District invites new Milwaukee retailers from the city and throughout the nation to join the new shopping district.

Milwaukee—June 18th, 2013— The City of Milwaukee will now enjoy a new shopping experience, the MKE Fashion District. The new district will serve as a destination to attract new retailers from across the country to the wonderful city of Milwaukee.  The goal of the MKE Fashion district is to create a unique shopping district for both Milwaukeeans and tourists to enjoy by bringing new retailers into the 4 block district with the hope to expand it into the Third Ward and beyond to house fresh new retailers and wholesalers.  The district's is bordered on the west by Water Street, on the North by Wisconsin Avenue, on the east by Milwaukee Street and on the south by Clybourn Street.  This area will thrive with Milwaukee Hilton Garden Inn and two new hotels including Milwaukee Marriott Downtown and Kimpton Hotel.  The area also includes many empty locations, ready for new retailers.

Where did the idea of the MKE Fashion District come from? 

Seven years ago Clai Green of Luci Boutique and Ronald Krinn, owner of Fred Boutique started the street.  Recently—Milwaukeean Patrice Procopio was inspired by blossoming energy of all the 20- and 30- somethings that are staying in Milwaukee and those that are returning or coming from other cities.

"Because of our thriving arts community I felt a need to create an opportunity for young designers and artists to create and sell their clothing and art in Milwaukee.  In addition I will have a gallery space, and a single chair salon for cutting and styling. My store will be called Third Coast Style.   This style is not imposed upon us by designers from the East Coast nor is it the weekly fads of the West Coast. This style is a collective reflection of the Milwaukee community living on the Third Coast," says Patrice Procopio.

Procopio realized the great need for the MKE Fashion district as she researched and found that the area for her new store was not considered the Third Ward but the East Town area.

"Because Luci and Fred boutiques are always rated the top Milwaukee boutiques and because in the past I used to shop for fine fabrics at nearby Kovacks, I thought we needed a special designation.  Clai Green, owner of Luci Boutique and the other business neighbors loved my idea and so we proceeded quickly to have the name MKE Fashion District encompass a four block area of downtown with the support of the city of Milwaukee," says Procopio.

The new MKE Fashion district will be easily distinguishable with MKE Fashion banners throughout the district.  The banners designed by Patrice Procopio represent the wonderful beauty Milwaukee offers—the blue is for Lake Michigan, the orange for the land and the yellow is for sunshine—there can never be enough!  Each new business relating to style, design, or fashion that fills the presently empty store fronts will have the chance to have one of the banners installed on their nearest light post.  The MKE Fashion District Association is looking for Milwaukee based people to set the Milwaukee style along with new stores from throughout the nation!

The new MKE Fashion District banners will go up this weekend for everyone to enjoy to be followed by a grand opening celebration in September.  The association invites new retailers to get involved and prepared over the summer.  There will be a fall fashion grand opening in September that will feature the newest fall fashions for Milwaukee.Patrice Procopio's new store, Third Coast Style will be incubating fashion design all summer and then will celebrate the official September grand opening.

New retailers are invited to join the new MKE Fashion District. The designated shopping area will help market the city of Milwaukee as a new destination for retailers.  Those interested in joining the MKE Fashion Association may do so for free—may do so for the first year starting immediately!  The cost of an official MKE Fashion District banner in front of their store front will be $150.00.  At the current time, the MKE Fashion Association is paying for the banners and the hope is that ultimately the city will take notice and create a fund for the new association.  The signage will help Milwaukee's tourism by creating a recognizable area—the entrance to the great fashion that continues into the Third Ward.  The district will serve as a market for all Milwaukeeans, Wisconsinites, and tourists!

Looking for more information on the new MKE Fashion District?  Interviews are available.  Call Patrice Procopio at 262-227-4268 or Clai Green at 414- 226-0114.  Patrice Procopio is a well known artist, painting florals, wildflowers, landscapes and gardens. Fine art in the form of original oil paintings, giclee prints and textiles is available from Artsyblooms LLC. She paints and sells her art in Door County and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Patrice is now showing at the Katie Gingrass Gallery in Milwaukee.  Clai Green, owner of Luci Boutique located at 532 N. Water St. is deeply involved in Milwaukee's fashion, culture, charities, and events.