Kennon Builds Rodent-Proof Covers For Dodger Stadium

Two new beverage bars have been added to Dodger Stadium and will be open before the first pitch is thrown on opening day thanks in part to an innovative Wyoming company. In order to pass health inspection, the County of Los Angles Public Health Department requires the bars to be covered with a rodent-proof material when not in use.   The bars have to be totally enclosed to exclude vermin, dust, dirt, moisture, animals, birds, leakage, or other potential contaminants. The new bars overlooking the bull pens are a part of a larger refurbishment project currently underway at Dodger Stadium.  

There are not many materials that rodents can't chew, metal being one.  However, metal covers are impractical as they are heavy, difficult to store, and expensive.  That's what prompted a Google search that turned up a small company in Sheridan, Wyoming that makes rodent-proof fabric covers.  Kennon Products has a long history of protecting high value assets with high performance fabrics, foams, and composites.  The company’s material scientists and engineers solve what are otherwise costly damage and problems.  

In 2007 Kennon developed rodent-proof covers for gas and oil field operators who were having problems with mice.  Mice were chewing through conventional insulating blankets and building nests close to the warm pipes.  Mice are known to carry a deadly virus, and they also attract rattlesnakes that are always in search of a food supply.  Both mice and snakes pose considerable health and safety risk to workers.  

When the oil field challenged Kennon with this problem, Kennon’s experts went to work.  They tested various solutions by sewing the material around peanut butter cups and setting them out in a hay field.  "It was a true field test" says Dr. Kelly Brennan, Kennon’s engineer who headed the effort.  "The mice chewed through numerous other materials and constructions, but not the one Kennon devised."   Kennon's Mouse-Proof covers have been in the field ever since, and to date, no mouse has conquered them.

Kennon’s products are typically used for protecting aviation and military assets – like expensive engines and cockpits.  However, when unique problems are in need of practical solutions, Kennon readily adapts, providing protective solutions across a variety of industries and applications.

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