GALLATIN, Tennessee —Happy Dragon Investments, LLC, a West Coast investment firm, has donated several of its newly acquired building structures to Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County TN Inc., a non-profit housing ministry.

The properties, valued in excess of $50,000, previously were located on the grounds of Gallatin’s upscale “Fairvue Planation” club community.   

“Happy Dragon’s donation to Habitat aligns with our company’s practice of supporting community interests and well-being in the states and localities where we do business,” said J. Douglas Hines, managing director of Happy Dragon Investments, LLC. 

“As we become more involved in this area, we look forward to even more opportunities to partner with agencies and corporations to help improve the lives of those in need.”

Former Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County Executive Director Bob Dyer said, “We appreciate Happy Dragon’s donation and public commitment to our goal of giving all people the opportunity to live in conditions that offer safety and security.”

Although Happy Dragon’s efforts to finalize the donation months earlier were stalled due to challenges by varying local interests, Hines credits Dyer, who recently retired from his role as executive director on December 31, 2012, and the Habitat team for their swift logistics coordination, due diligence and unwavering commitment to pursuing projects in the best interest of Sumner County families.

“We are grateful to Mr. Dyer and his board of directors for shepherding this donation through to closing,” Hines said. “Happy Dragon is honored to do our part to support Habitat’s vital mission, as well as to ensure families in need receive the shelter—and that improved quality of life—they deserve.” 



Happy Dragon Investments, LLC, is a West Coast investments affiliate of AFT Holdings Inc., an international investment and management group whose diverse portfolio includes commercial and residential real estate, sustainable foods development, global fishing fleets and technology.