Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

April 28, 2014 – Denver, Colorado- Specialist manufacturer and supplier of easy woodworking tools solutions, Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools is celebrating one of their biggest milestones yet, and impressive 30 years in business.


The Colorado-based (Denver) business’ 30th anniversary is a strong indication of the various factors contributing to their continued success, one of which is their unwavering commitment to keep expanding their dynamic range of solutions to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the tooling and manufacturing industry always enjoys an adequate supply of the tools they need. “We’re always expanding. Take our Multi-Pro line: We have an entire line up for every application,” said Walter Orbach, the Founder of Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools. Orbach then goes on to highlight the versatility of the family-owned business, something which has aided greatly in their three-decade strong longevity: “Our standard tools won’t work for you? We can custom build any Multi-Pro tool to accommodate any machine.”


Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools’ history goes back to the early 1980′s, when Walter Orbach purchased Precise Saw Works (1984), a small business that providing saw blade sharpening services. Walter then went on to effect a name change, with the business completing the transition in its lifecycle to begin a new life as Vexor. Things took off immensely from there, with the business enjoying exponential growth. The strong traditions of the business’ early existence have been maintained to this day however, placing emphasis on product quality and reliability.


As part of the 90 years of combined experience possessed by the various key players in the long-running success of Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools, Walter’s personal career in the tooling industry began even further back, when he started working as an apprentice at Fred M. Velepec Co. Following his taking charge of the production of router bits and shaper cutters, Walter went on to garner more experience working for a  number of reputable companies which manufactured a variety of different tools.


With this strong foundation operating at the core of what is now Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools, it is no wonder the business has enjoyed success spanning over three decades and, by the looks of things, Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools shows no signs of stopping.


“We’ve perfected durability. Contact us about our unheard-of lifetime warranty,” concludes Walter, in the true spirit of someone who is at the helm of a 30-year-old local icon.



Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools is a family-owned business that specializes in the provision of a wide variety of tools to cater to the needs of the woodworking industry. With origins that date back to 1984, Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools boasts over 90 years of combined experience in the tooling and manufacturing industry.


Now celebrating three decades in existence, the business was founded by Walter Orbach and has come a long way from its early days as Precise Saw Works, a small business that provided saw-blade sharpening services. The business has since expanded greatly to provide a wide range of easy solutions to service the woodworking industry.


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