Voice-Over Star ALICYN PACKARD Is Soaring in Three Animated Series “SPACE RACERS”, “THE TOM AND JERRY SHOW” and “POPPY CAT”

LOS ANGELES (April 21, 2014) – Voice-Over star ALICYN PACKARD is soaring these days lending her talents to three animated series, including the highly-anticipated “Space Racers,” Cartoon Network’s revival “The Tom and Jerry Show” and Season Two of Sprout’s hit-show “Poppy Cat,” for which she also wrote an episode.

Packard is literally out of this world in the new original animated series, “Space Racers,” scheduled for liftoff on May 3, 2014. Director Mark Risley (“Rugrats,” “The Wild Thornberrys”) and Head Writer Allan Neuwirth (“Martha Speaks,” “Octonauts”) teamed up with the scientists at NASA, in order to create this new wondrous half-hour children’s series presented by Maryland Public Television. Packard joins in the Solar System exploration as Robyn, one of the spaceship cadets at the Stardust Space Academy.

Currently airing on the Cartoon Network, Packard can be heard as Toodles in the revival of the iconic cartoon series, “The Tom and Jerry Show.” The cast also includes Simon Helberg (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”), who help to breathe new life into the cat and mouse rivalry.

And in 2015, Packard will return as the precocious Southern bunny, Alma, for Season Two of the international-hit animated series, “Poppy Cat.” Not only is Packard lending her voice to the upcoming season, but she is also bringing her writing skills to the show, penning the all-new episode, “Snowflake Lake.”

Packard is excited by the opportunity to create a “Poppy Cat” adventure for her fans, adding "The writing process is deeply satisfying to me. It was the natural next step in my journey to share stories that entertain and inspire."

Packard has earned fans of all ages voicing the beloved animated Little Miss characters on Cartoon Network’s Emmy nominated “The Mr. Men Show.” She voiced the wildly popular Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, and Little Miss Whoops, which culminated in Packard voicing the Little Miss Sunshine singing doll. She is also recognized by youngsters everywhere for her various characters on the Nickelodeon series “Olivia.”

Packard has gained legions of adult fans for her work in the video games “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within” and as the Female Blood Elf in 2007’s international smash hit “World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.”

The Massachusetts’ South Shore native honed her acting and voice-over skills while at Emerson College, where she earned a “Best Female Performance” nomination from Emerson’s highly regarded EVVY committee. She also gained notoriety as a DJ at WERS, Emerson’s award-winning radio station, for her warm and sensual voice, which attracted numerous radio promos and commercials, as well as an eight-month stint as the voice of publisher Prentice Hall’s interactive textbooks.

Packard is also hard at work these days writing, directing, and starring in original comedy shorts for her YouTube Channel ( Creating laughs out of situations that everyone can identify with, Packard grapples with a less-than-stellar Siri, takes on aerobic Twerking, gets her first Mammogram, turns to Kickstarter to fund a vacation and so much more.

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