Social PR and Earned Media Expertise Coming to #SES San Francisco 2013

Social publicity pros Lisa Buyer and Michelle Stinson Ross are set to speak to the massive opportunity for marketers in earned media on Thursday, September 12th at SES San Francisco. Social Publicity & Publishing: How to Earn It, Grow It, Brand It homes in on the distribution and amplification of great content, a critical facet of any successful new media marketing effort.

This year, the leading marketing event highlights the convergence of paid, earned and owned media in the new marketing landscape. Earned media, the holy grail in a comprehensive marketing strategy, isn’t for sale; it can’t be manufactured, bought or fabricated. Brands succeeding with social PR are connecting with and engaging audiences, nurturing conversations around their company and industry, and reaping the business rewards as a result.  

Buyer, industry expert and CEO of The Buyer Group, brings over 15 years of PR and branding experience and expertise to the table for her fifth consecutive year presenting at SES San Francisco. Stinson Ross, Director of Social Marketing at Digital Always Media, also hosts the popular #SocialChat, a Twitter-based weekly live chat on social media marketing.

Together, they’ll deliver a deep dive into the most effective strategies for building brand influence and advocacy across channels and devices.

Learn how to use online social events, such as Twitter chats and Google+ Hangouts, to influence audience members to interact with and even promote socially savvy businesses. Session attendees can expect to see:

·       Social PR best practices in action, with real-world examples of earned media successes.

·       Instruction and guidance on community building and growing an audience through great content.

·       Lessons in using visuals to attract social and media attention, with tips and cautions for best results.

·       New, creative methods for thought leadership and credibility building, to stand out from the crowd even in saturated markets.

·       The most effective social PR strategies on both popular and lesser known channels.

Stay tuned throughout Social Publicity and Publishing, starting at 11:30am PST, September 12th, by following the conversations around #SESSF, @lisabuyer and @SocialMichelleR on Twitter. Join in (from SES San Francisco or wherever you happen to be!) with the #SocialPR hashtag or on the Social PR Blog, to share your own tips or questions on more effective earned media through social PR.