Grown Up Conversations with God

Saint Louis, MO—Looking around our sinful world, it should be no surprise that nearly all people, Christians included, struggle with something they’d rather not share. They grapple with secret sins—sins that they find too embarrassing or shameful to talk about—things like inappropriate Internet activity, anger, or lying.

It’s important for these people to know that they are not alone—and that there is always Someone there to talk to, Someone who listens every time. Concordia Publishing House’s new series God, I Need to Talk to You About. . . serves as a guide for honest conversation with the Heavenly Father—even about secret sins.

“God knows our hearts and our struggles and loves us in spite of our sins,” says Editor Peggy Kuethe. “When it feels like no one else would understand, we need to remember that He will always listen and always forgive.”

To remind Christians of this fact, CPH has released four new prayer books focused on negative issues that adults encounter. The titles cover Internet activity, dishonesty, anger, and negativity; CPH plans to release more books in the future.

This series, written by Michael Newman, was inspired by the popular children’s series that goes by the same name. The children’s version of this series, which has sold over a million copies, features 24 small books featuring narrative verses and colorful illustrations. These books help children pray about issues such as video games, healthy eating, and feeling sad. Learn more on                                             

While the children’s books are sometimes humorous, the adult adaptation addresses topics in a more serious tone. The prayer books are written in conversational first-person language and are 48 pages long. Each book contains prayers and Scripture passages to encourage readers, and hopefully concludes with the resolution of the readers’ habit.

Kuethe explains that “the books are not meant to take on a clinical or counseling function. They address habits, not conditions that need further treatment.”

Overall, these little books are perfect for providing the assurance that Jesus shields us against Satan’s torment and human weaknesses. To learn more or order your copies today, visit or call 1-800-325-3040.