Social Media Infographic: How to Suck at Twitter

CINCINNATI, OH, March 21, 2013 --Boot Camp Digital (, a leader in the field of social media marketing education, just launched their latest infographic: How to Suck at Twitter. Now that over 500 million people are active on Twitter, it’s important to build a solid Twitter marketing plan that guarantees you won’t have any mishaps on the social network.
Boot Camp Digital created this infographic to show people how unbelievably common it is for companies to make mistakes with their corporate accounts. The infographic is a how-to guide on what NOT to do on Twitter. The full infographic can be found at The infographic is free to share and use with attribution to Boot Camp Digital.
By now, most companies are on Twitter, and they’re trying so hard to stand out that they aren’t careful about who runs the account and what they post on it. There are too many Twitter-related PR nightmares to count, which is why companies need to start honing in on how to get results from Twitter marketing.
That’s why Boot Camp Digital created their latest infographic onTwitter marketing tips. The infographic points out what you should look out for, what you should avoid, and past mistakes that companies have had to deal with.
If you want to suck at Twitter, keep these tips in mind:
  • Never engage with your followers.
  • Never share interesting content, such as cool articles or pictures.
These tips will also guarantee you get a bad reputation on Twitter:

  • Tweet passive-aggressive statements about people you’re mad at.
  • Post aggressively about politics and make people uncomfortable.
  • Tweet at 4 in the morning when nobody else is awake.
The infographic also covers some examples of Twitter fails, including:
  • When Kenneth Cole made insensitive remarks about the Cairo uprisings.
  • When Marc Jacobs let an unhappy intern handle their Twitter.
  • When a Red Cross employee accidentally tweeted about drinking on Red Cross’s account.
You can see the rest of the information and funny examples by checking out our Twitter marketing infographic at For more information on Twitter Marketing Training, go
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