Addvocate Launches With a 30-Day Experiment As A Paid Beta

San Francisco, CA (January 22, 2012)—Today, San Francisco-based Addvocate launches a first-of-its-kind employee advocacy and coordination platform, with a 30-day dynamic pricing model for its beta.

Marcus Nelson, former head of social media at, saw a disconnect in the way companies and employees were using social sharing. With a vision to create a platform that would decentralize social sharing by allowing companies to easily organize, measure, and mobilize their entire socially active workforce to amplify brand messages, Addvocate was born.

When customers choose to use Addvocate, they will pay for the first license and can add up to 100 coworkers at no cost for 30 days. In addition, customers can pick the price they want to pay for Addvocate’s service, and Addvocate will honor it for 6 months.

Addvocate will help employees take control of their work-related social sharing—allowing them to share what they want, the way they want it, and letting businesses measure the results of company-related content. The platform works by organizing and segmenting groups of socially active coworkers, activating the voices of the business with shared content, and measuring results that can be tied back to individuals. It simplifies and systemizes tracking the social voices of a business, fostering a sense of collaboration and trust between employer and employee, expanding and improving a company’s social reach and bottom line. The company launches today at


For more information on Addvocate or to schedule an interview with Marcus Nelson, please contact him directly at (415) 944-9888 or email him at