Binding Machines Are Part of the Sales Process

Believe it or not, a good binding machine plays an important part of your sales cycle. It’s the difference between a good first impression or a disapproving look on your prospects face.

A good friend of mine recently told me a story about a sales situation where he was competing against another firm. His firm provided a competitive price and a sound recommendation for what his prospect needed. He knew his competitor and their capabilities. There was no way they would deliver what they were promising. Yet, he ended up losing the business because the other firm had a better looking presentation. 

I don’t know where this saying comes from, but it does ring true: “People are not rational, they rationalize what they do.” If given the facts, a pretty presentation can be the tipping point.

So, ask yourself, is your document presentation up to competitive standards? Is your proposal material second to none? Do you have the right binding machine system to make you look good? 

Here are some of the different machines out there:

1. Comb Binding Machines

Comb binding machines are very popular in the legal field. So popular in fact they are required.

These are quite simple to use. They come in multiple s and brands. There are manual punches and electric punches. Prices range from $140-$700 per machine. You can use clear covers or multi-colored covers.

Anyone can bind with a comb binding machine. The difference in machines is based on how many pages you need to punch at a time. If you are averaging a 45 page presentation, you are going to need a strong dye to cut through the paper.

If you need to swap out a page, you simply put the presentation in the machine, pull the comb, remove the page and rebind.

The comb is a plastic ring that binds the pages together making your proposal or presentation look very professional. Lloyds of Indiana carries several brands including Akiles, CombMac, Eco-bind, SircleBind and high end Tamerica binding machines.

2. Coil Binding Machines

Coil binding machines have an enhanced esthetic over comb binding machines. The advantage of coil binding is the ability to completely open the document from cover to back with ease. They too are available with manual or electric punch systems. Pricing ranges between $145-$570.

The coils come in a large variety of colors, so your binding is assured to match your branding or creative design for presentations. Plus, their costs are quite reasonable so your inventory costs are not that high.

The advantage again is the user can open the whole presentation from back to cover with ease.

Akiles and Tamerica are the primary manufacturers of coil binding machines.

3. Wire Binding Machines

Wire binding machines provide a very nice esthetic to your presentation document. The wire coils are a little more expensive than either a comb or coil binding system. Your presentation will look very clean and professional. The covers match the clean design of your wire bind too.

Wire binding systems run between $239 on average as high as $1726 for the top of the line electric. On some of the higher Akiles machines, you can get a combo of wire and comb binding. Manufacturers include Akiles, Tamerica and Sirclebind.

4. Unibind

Unibind is a brand of binding machine. It’s a heat treated binding system very similar to traditional perfect binidng and is easy to do. It has no mess. It does not require punching paper. It is a process where you print out the document, stick it in the bind and put it on the heater. It warms up the glue and seals the pages together.

If you need to swap out a page, you simply warm it up again and take out the page and replace it with a new one. Reheat and let cool. You are done.

Unibind system is a little more expensive than traditional binding, there is also a hard cover option and it will definitely set you apart from your competitors. Prices range from $455 up to a big industrial heater that can bind multiple presentations at a time. 

Buy versus outsource?

On average, if you go to a print shop, you are going to spend anywhere between $6.00-$12.00 per presentation depending on what binding you choose. Factor in the time to outsource. If you need something right away, can they deliver? Most times not and why stress yourself out when you can do it yourself? It does not take time to regain your investment, if you are doing a lot of presentations.