Los Angeles city has already established their comprehensive LED lighting system

Los Angeles - The LED Panel light and LED streets light would be the main lighting source of people¡¯s daily life. The street light system of cities construction projects in many countries would gradually apply the LED bulb and induction lamp. The designing engineer from the most famous LED Panel light manufacturer which website is has said that the Los Angeles if USA has already started the largest LED street light project around the world. This is the good news for the LED light industry.

The world's largest LED street reconstruction project has been successfully completed in Los Angeles of USA. From the detailed data from website , this project has already installed a total of 141,089 new LED lights. According to calculation of Forbes, the Los Angeles city has already estimated that the annual electricity savings should be at least 7,000,000 US dollar. On the other hand, the installation of the LED bulb has also saved 2,500,000 dollars maintenance expenses. All of these cashes saving could all thank to its energy efficient LED lighting device. As the time goes, this effect has attracted many other cities to follow the Los Angeles.

The statistic has said that the US famous city which name is Los Angeles LED Panel light is not the only one city for LED streets lighting retrofitting. However, there are also many other cities which have already applied the LED lighting system. For example, many other California cities have already done the same lighting retrofitting. In March of this year, the Las Vegas City has completed the installation of 42,000 LED panel lights. A month later, Austin of Texas has already announced their plans to install 35,000 LED lights. Moreover, CPS Energy has announced in December of last year claiming about their future plan of installation of 20000 LED lights in San Antonio City.

The related study from website has told people that the shipments of LED streets light in 2020 would be increased to the number of LED bulb 1700 million comparing with the 300 million LED lights in 2012. That should be the good news for the industry of LED lighting products such as LED Panel light and LED bulb. In a word, the attractive advantage should be the main factor for the largely application of the LED lighting products such as LED High Bay. The using of this lighting source should also the correspondence with the popular trend of energy saving and environment protection. If people want to purchase the high quality LED lighting products, they could browse the website which is the best manufacturer for LED light in China.

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