Florida Rabbi Releases Debut Spiritual CD "Reveal The Light"

Tampa Bay, FL--Rabbi Upbin writes on her CD notes, “This recording is an invitation into prayer. My hope is that as you listen, you will join me in chanting.” 

Many of the songs are based on the liturgy, Talmud or a biblical passage with music by the rabbi. The tracks include Yehi Shalom (Let There be Peace), Hashkivenu (Lay Me Down) and Oseh Shalom.

“Lift your voice and draw closer to the Mystery. I am grateful for the many souls who brought this project into fruition,” Rabbi Upbin says.

Among those she credits are well-known local jazz musician Fred Johnson and keyboardist and percussionist Jay Klein who also helped with production.

Klein said that Rabbi Upbin “shared with me a vision to record a collection of songs that through melody, lyric, and soundscape bring together faith and culture.”

He said she wanted to do this in the Judaic music tradition, but include other cultures and faiths that have enriched her journey as a rabbi. “She believed, and I agree with her,” Klein writes, “that by blending eclectic sounds and culture with Jewish traditional melody and lyric, she would make a statement about her wish for the world to come together in peace and for people to explore their commonalties instead of their differences.”

Musical gourds, African stringed instruments and hand drums, Cuban box drums, tablas, clay pots, finger cymbals and a shiruti box are mixed with contemporary instruments for this CD.

Johnson praised the rabbi for embodying “ the knowledge, character and amazing artistic gift that can help lead us to a place of deeper inner peace.”

Rabbi Upbin provides lead vocals. Additional vocals are by Lily Lucey, Johnson, Tymber Wolf, Harriet Rudich, Talia Sager and Dana Garnica.

Besides Johnson and Klein, instrumentalists are Michael Cripe and Blake Lenett on guitar, Daryl Wicker on electric bass and keyboard and Tim Burniman on piano.

Rabbi Upbin also thanked Rev. Abhi Janamanchi and Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Clearwater, where the recording was made, the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, Joyce Liu,Andi Szmiga, Congregation Beth Shalom and her family.

About Danielle Upbin:

Rabbi Danielle Upbin was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. She is a prayer leader, teacher, inspirational preacher and singer-songwriter. Originally from New York City, she currently resides in Clearwater, FL, where she and her husband serve as the spiritual leaders of Congregation Beth Shalom.  Chanting Hebrew prayer in a joyous and soulful manner is Rabbi Danielle’s passion.  She has studied meditation, Jewish mysticism, and yoga and strives to interweave uplifting teachings from Judaism into her presentation of chant.  She is actively involved in a local interfaith coalition, and is a regular presenter in the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Clearwater’s monthly gathering called “Festival Ruah: A Multicultural Spirit Experience” along with musicians, dancers, artists and spiritual leaders from around the globe.  

Rabbi Danielle released her first CD in 2012, entitled, “Reveal the Light”, an eclectic collection of spiritually oriented songs and chants in Hebrew and English.

It has been said of her CD:

Reveal the Light gives us a sonic pathway into the rich tradition of the jewish faith, blesses us with the gift of hearing the power and sincerity of Rabbi Danielle’s voice, and adds to our palate of songs to be sung for sheer pleasure.” - Fred Johnson internationally acclaimed Jazz musician, singer and spiritual leader.  

Reveal the Light: Available on CD Baby, Amazon, Oysongs, and Itunes.

All songs recorded and mixed by Jay A. Klein. All songs produced by Rabbi Danielle Upbin, Fred Johnson and Jay Klein. Mastered by Robert Rothschild.

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