Choosing a Chemical Company in India

In India, a third party supplier of chemicals play a pivotal role in companies that require chemicals for manufacturing its product. Whether an organization requires Additives (wax & non wax based) or paper chemicals, having a reliable and honest chemical company is a must. The company shall have a wide range of chemical products and must be keen on providing customizable packages for one’s need.

Since a large number of manufacturing companies require bulk chemicals, therefore a lot of thought must be given while choosing a chemical company in India. Clients can choose from chemical companies that market other partner organizations, may select a manufacturing chemical company or a combination of both. At the same time, clients need to assess the overall supply quality and reliability of chemicals such as Additives (wax & non wax based) while procuring products. 

Here are some tips that can help choosing a chemical company-

Product Requirement

Do you need a manufacturer of chemicals or a marketer of chemicals? Start by deciding your product requirement. It is recommended that chemical companies that market as well as manufacture chemicals must be given preference over others as they tend to have better pricing policies and customizable packages.

Check out the certifications

A chemical company that has quality certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 must be preferred over the companies that don’t have quality certifications. Such certificates help one access quality of product. For instance, companies that need Alcohol based intermediates or Formaldehyde and Hexamine should look for ISO certification or a manufacturer with OHSAS 18001 certificate. 

Range of Products

Want Alcohol Intermediates or require polymer additives? Need Paper chemicals? An organization’s requirements for chemicals may change over a period of time. Therefore, choose a company that offers wide range of products. This will help in making a smoother transition from one chemical to the other. At the same time, this will ensure that your relationship with the chemical is long and fruitful for both parties.


Cost is definitely when of the prime factors when it comes to choosing a chemical company. So, compare different rates that are offered by chemical manufacturing or supplying companies in India. Most of the companies provide special rates and custom packages for bulk products. 


Reputation is a crucial factor that will help in determining a chemical company’s quality and reliability. Check via different chemical using companies or search internet. While short listing companies, make sure that you ask representatives about their overall manufacturing process and whether or not they meet legal standards. 

Imports or exports

There are several companies that offer chemical imports. So, if you need a product that isn’t produced in India, choose a marketing company that represents international chemical manufacturers. This will allow you to import chemicals in an easier manner.

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