Ferrara Candy Company Announces Limited Edition Nostalgic Lemonhead® Tin

Ferrara Candy Company introduces a limited edition, commemorative Lemonhead® candy tin featuring the iconic candy’s original artwork from 1962. Celebrating more than 50 years of the iconic Lemonhead brand, the company will showcase the new item to retailers at the 2013 Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, with plans to feature the 1.5-ounce tins for a limited time.

“At a time when legendary American companies are closing their doors, we are proud to honor one of Ferrara Candy Company’s longstanding brands with these commemorative tins,” said Ferrara Candy Company CEO Salvatore Ferrara II. “My grandfather founded this company, and led our team through times of both economic prosperity and depression, yet Ferrara Candy Company continues to grow and modernize. Through it all, we have always maintained respect for our history and the great products that made this company what it is today.”

The limited edition tins with their original artwork highlight the long heritage of Lemonhead candies. Though the company has grown substantially since its beginnings in 1908, Lemonhead candies are made the same way they were in 1962 – with a unique cold-panning method also used to make the company’s popular Red Hots®. Made with real lemon juice to give the candies their unique lemon flavor, Lemonhead candies are fat free. The brand continues to maintain its popular slogan “Real Lemon Pucker Power.”

The popularity of the Lemonhead candies led to expansion of the brand portfolio, which now includes Applehead, Grapehead, and Cherryhead along with the Chewy Lemonhead & Friends line-up introduced in 2007. The chewy version of the original Lemonhead candy is available in four varieties: Original, Tropical, Berry and Redhead.

In June 2012, Ferrara Pan Company merged with Farley’s & Sather’s Candy Company, to capitalize on combined resources and efficiencies. The new company, Ferrara Candy Company, makes wildly popular, nostalgic and legendary candy brands such as Trolli, Now & Later, Brach’s, Black Forest, Jujyfruits, Super Bubble, Fruit Stripe gum and more.

Based in Oakbrook Terrance, Ill., the company is a committed community partner and longtime sponsor of the National Hockey League's Chicago Blackhawks. Ferrara Candy Company also sponsors NHL team, the Los Angeles Kings and professional golfer Kevin Streelman, whose golf head covers feature the iconic Lemonhead. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, visit Lemonhead on Facebook at and Twitter (@Lemonhead) for fun and engaging contests and a chance to win Lemonhead prizes, including the limited edition commemorative Lemonhead tin.