Kirk Cameron's Thumbs-Up to Ten Commandments Display at the MCM Elegante - Odessa

Odessa, Texas March 26, 2013- Kirk Cameron was a surprise guest at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Odessa, Texas recently posting his "thumbs up" to the stone monument of the Ten Commandments proudly displayed at the hotel.

On Facebook Cameron posted, "Check out this huge stone monument at the front door of the hotel I checked into tonight in Odessa. This is the #1 city for jobs in the US (lots of new found oil)! Don't mess with Texas! Our marriage events were a blast and my son and I are headed home tomorrow. Can't wait to see my bride and babies."

Cameron was in town for a marriage seminar at New Life Chapel in Odessa, Texas. 

Cameron rose to fame when he starred in the hit television show "Growing Pains" in the 1980s. He married fellow actress Chelsea Noble and the two have six children. Cameron has recently starred in the "Left Behind" Christian movie series and "Fireproof."

After the success of "Fireproof," Cameron decided to tour with a live event and marriage seminar. He has taken the "Love Worth Fighting For" to more than 100 churches.

"Marriage is probably the most important relationship we have on earth," he said recently in a telephone interview.
A healthy and thriving marriage serves as a foundation on which to build a family and life, he said.