Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Saint Louis, MO—March 12, 2013We all have a purpose in life; but what happens when we feel like that purpose is too far outside of our comfort zone?


Like standing on the edge of a diving board and not knowing how to swim—sometimes God’s purpose for our lives can be frightening. We worry, struggle, and are distracted by the storms of our own circumstances. These distractions and fears often cause women to feel insecure in their ministries.


Concordia Publishing House’s new book Stepping Out: To a Life on the Edge turns obstacles into opportunities by helping women recognize what’s holding them back from leading a full life in the Gospel. In this book, popular author Deb Burma confesses that she too struggles with the challenge of stepping outside of her comfort zone on a daily basis.


“I truly struggle with each and every topic in this book,” said Burma. “But, as Jesus guides me through His Word of truth, I am able to address these topics both biblically and personally.”


With topics like fear, insecurity, and pride, Stepping Out doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. According to Burma, this is intentional, because these are the real issues that women face.


“As I connected with women around the country on a heart-to-heart level, I heard many surprising similarities to their unique life stories,” said Burma. “Circumstances and situations are completely different, but fears, failures, struggles, and insecurities within each woman are so much the same.”


With this in mind, Burma’s new book boldly encourages readers to take the necessary steps forward and plunge into a deeper faith with their Savior.


Stepping Out gives hope, healing, encouragement, and edification to be brave, to not look back with excuses for insecurities and fear,” said Terry Lee Kieschnick, a national speaker, ministry leader and mentor. “With boldness, you can edge out on life’s springboard of situations, jumping into the future with God’s loving and safe arms enfolding you.”


Important to note is the fact that Jesus takes center stage in every chapter as Burma dives into Scripture and looks into the lives of biblical people who encounter Christ in the Gospels.


At the end of each chapter, there is a section titled “Life on the Edge” that allows readers to view what life might look like beyond the foothold of struggle. Plus, each chapter features reflection questions and insights for personal contemplation or use in Bible study.


“In the end, I pray that God will work through His Word and this book to encourage readers to take stock of their struggles and confess them to Him,” said Burma. “By His grace, He will help them step out to a place where He would have them live!”


To order a print copy of Stepping Out,visit or call 1-800-325-3040. A Kindle version is also available on Amazon. To review this book, contact to be considered for a gratis copy.