Foam by Mail Offers Innovative Foam Sacks

Foam Factory, the industry leader in foam production and foam-based solutions, is offering high quality foam sacks as a fun alternative to traditional seating furniture through their website, Foam sacks are designed to create a comfortable seating experience for use in living rooms, bedrooms, college dorms, and many more places. This comes as great news to people seeking comfort and quality in their seating, without being restricted to the traditional designs and styles of living or working areas.

These foam sacks are made in the USA and come in six sizes and two shapes, with 12 fabric color options to choose from (excluding the liner). The foam itself is high-grade shredded polyurethane foam, never a damaged or factory-second product, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. These foam sacks are ideal for use in classrooms, therapeutic spaces, living rooms, children’s play rooms, or anywhere else a comfortable chair is needed.

Foam Factory is constantly expanding the applications of foam, rubber, sponge, and upholstery products to better serve their customer’s needs. They maintain a large selection of residential and commercial foam products, including mattresses, seat cushions, acoustical foam, packaging foam, and more. The foam sacks are just one of Foam Factory’s latest innovations, and they look forward to improving the comfort and style of customer’s lives as they continue to offer new products and services in the future.

About Foam by Mail

For over 30 years, Foam Factory, Inc. has been a global presence in the foam and foam products industry. Headquartered in Southeast Michigan, they operate out of a nearly 100,000 square foot facility, dedicated to maintaining large inventories and facilitating advances in technical equipment and services. They are dedicated to fabricating and distributing a wide selection of foam, rubber, sponge, and upholstery products. They are continually expanding the practical applications of foam, to better serve the needs of people, from commercial to everyday living solutions. Through their website and other avenues, Foam Factory is constantly looking for customer feedback and suggestions to find new and better applications for their products and ways to improve their service. They are proud members of the BBB. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.