Easy Retail Manager Can Make Prestashop More Appealing

Aug 7th 2013,If you want to give the best level of customer service possible, you know that you need to utilise the best software services that you can. Online retail provides an exciting opportunity for many people to get involved in selling something that they love or believe in but there is also a need to be professional and this is where the right software support can make all the difference.

There are plenty of software shopping platforms to choose from but Prestashop is one of the best around. The fact that it is an open source e-commerce software platform will be of great interest to many people but if it wasn’t great quality, the price wouldn’t matter. Since 2007, Prestashop has been helping people set up their own retail outlets and allowing firms to give a great level of customer service.

Take your place in the vibrant online community

With over 300 features including inventory management, product exportation to eBay, cross-selling, product comparison tools, marketing tools, secure payment and so much more, Prestashop is a really great way to start out in the online community. The thing is though, it isn’t perfect and if your business starts to grow, you will find yourself spending a lot of time trying to ensure you stay on top of everything.

This is not the fault of Prestashop, it does brilliantly for a free product but if you are looking for more support, you will find that Easy Retail Manager can help you achieve success.

Find the apps and modules that are relevant to your business

Easy Retail Manager is a prestashop application to manage effectively and efficiently your Prestashop web store. Prestashop Easy Retail Manager was designed to extend the capabilities of the Prestashop native admin area, not only to save you time but to help you integrate seamlessly your web store into an existing IT infrastructure including a Point of Sale module, a barcode generator, and many more. It comes with many advanced and powerful features to automate routine tasks and is the most user friendly and extendable Prestashop module designed with Windows 8 Metro UI framework.

The many different bundles and modules that come with Easy Retail Manager can be bought as and when you need them. Some retail platforms require you to buy a complete package and this may see you paying a lot of money for a lot of features you will never use or need. This is hardly fair and it is something that Easy Retail Manager avoids.

Being able to buy single apps –Prestashop POS - , some of the apps or all of the apps makes the Easy Retail Manager product extremely expendable, which is crucial in the current business climate. A business should always look to be flexible and this is definitely something which happens with this choice of product. Depending on your business or retail position, some apps will be of no use to you so why should you have to pay for them?

 The fact that the add-ons make it easier to efficiently and effectively manage your store will provide a great deal of time. Yes, the Easy Retail Manager system comes at a cost compared to Prestashop but this minimal outlay will really bring about an improved level of efficiency in your operation. If you have ever wished that there were more hours in the day, this system could be the option that you are looking for.

Think about the value for money as opposed to just the cost

When weighing up the financial aspect of business purchases, it should be the value as opposed to just the cost that makes the real difference and you will receive a great number of benefits by choosing to run your business in this manner.

The benefits of using Easy Retail Manager are not just about efficiency though, they can provide you with a wider range of options and capabilities. If your business expands, it is only natural that you want to grow with it and often the best way of doing this is to offer more products or an increased range of services. You will also find yourself under increasing pressure to meet demands and deadlines, all of which can be positively impacted upon by a wide range of apps that are available in the Easy Retail Manager store.

Use the tool that improving online retailers are using

Given that Prestashop is such an important tool for many online marketers and businesses, it is understandable that there are a number of modules available in support of this system. However, it seems that Easy Retail Manager has a great claim to be viewed as the most promising Prestashop module available and there is every chance it will be declared as the best Prestashop module of 2014.

If you want your business to have the best chance of online success, you should ensure that you have the best level of support available. This is definitely where Easy Retail Manager can see you stay ahead of the pack and continue to grow your business in a proper fashion.

Easy Retail manager at a glance

Easy Retail Manager for Prestashop is a desktop application to improve your inventory management. It is a featured-based application. Here are very few features:

Product and category management: integrated mode to navigate from category to product. Use the spread sheet mode to edit many records at once.

Bulk product editor: change the prices of many products at once and set smart prices.

Import/Export/sync Assistant: simple yet powerful tool to import/Export and synchronize products, categories, customers into CSV or native Excel format

Order management, Customer management, Prestashop Point of Sale module, and many more.

Most important: it is multi store, multi database, secure web service connection, off line mode with an integrated MySQL database, database back up, with no limitation. It comes in many languages like English, French, Spanish, and German. It is fully documented with a dedicated forum and a helpdesk.

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Developer: Easy Retail Manager

License price: starting from $29

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit