Social Media Infographic: Why Content Marketing Matters

CINCINNATI, OH, February 22, 2013 --Boot Camp Digital (, a leading provider of social media marketing training, launched their latest infographic: Why Content Marketing Matters. Now that 88% of businesses are on social media and there are billions of people online, it’s important for businesses to focus on what content they’re posting, in order to guarantee they’ll be heard.

Boot Camp Digital created this infographic to share the latest statistics on social media content marketing and why marketers and business professionals need to focus on posting the content that is going to get attention from consumers online. The full infographic was can be found at The infographic is free to share and use with attribution to Boot Camp Digital.

By now, most companies have realized that social media is crucial to gaining brand awareness and driving new sales, leads, and customers. The problem is that businesses today don’t know how to post the right type of content that followers and fans online want and need.

That’s why Boot Camp Digital created their latest infographic on Why Content Marketing Matters. The infographic focused oncontent marketing training shows what people are doing every day in 2013, and what successful businesses are doing today online.

Some of today’s current statistics include that each day:
  • 100,000 Tweets are sent
  • 2 million search queries are made on Google
  • 36,000 photos are shared on Instagram

The average social media activity of Fortune 500 companies today include:
  • 27 tweets per week
  • 10 videos per month
  • 7 blog posts per month
  • 3.6 Facebook posts per week

Some of the reasons why great content is important include:
  • Over 50% of social networkers who share business-related content do so on Twitter
  • 58% of online consumers want exclusive content from brands
  • 80% of pins shared on Pinterest are repins

You can see the rest of the information and statistics on social media content marketing in 2013 by checking out ourContent Marketing Infographic. For more information on Content Marketing Training, go to

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