Fast Eddy: A New Era in Fly Fishing is Dawning

The Fast Eddy fisher drinks beer from a can and wouldn't be caught dead in a felt fedora. That pretty much sums up those who fish the Eddy.

Made famous by Huck Finn, the Eddy unpacks from within the cork handle and telescopes out to 10ft. 

For the beginner or casual fly fisher, it’s a great starter rod. There’s no reel to setup and no extra line to manage. It’s fast to setup and easy to use. For the avid angler, Fast Eddy is about as much fun as you can have. It’s perfect for pocket water, but still a blast on the river. Focus on fly presentation and get re-acquinted with fighting a trout with only your rod tip.

$139.00 plus shipping


- Telescoping Fly Rod
- Length: 10ft 
- Weight: 2.75 oz.
- Size: 19.5” X 1”
- Graphite body, cork handle
- Use with braided or tapered leader

About Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy is a new fly rod designed and tested in the mountain streams of Wyoming. It's for guys and gals that drink their beer from a can and could care less about the prowess of their backcast.