The directly expression of the combination of cultural and fashion-wooden sunglasses

China - It is undoubtedly that the using of wood and bamboo as the raw material of wooden sunglasses is one kind of boldly attempt. At present, the most popular type of the handmade wood sunglasses and bamboo sunglass in the international market should be the full frame and half-frame wood sunglass. The another kind type of the bamboo sunglasses is wood hybrid frames which has been combined with the bamboo and other materials such as sheet metal inlay wood and metal and wood combination.

The editor from website which is the best online seller for wooden sunglass and sexy swimwear has said that there are three typically factors of the wooden sunglass compared with other normal sunglass. The first factor is that its material is exquisite, type is very preciously and the appearance of the wooden sunglass is very good. The second point is that the wooden sunglass is the combining of metal and sheet metal. On the other hand, the design of the wooden sunglass has also integrated into the sculpture Art and the humanity element is very rich. Third, this kind of new type sunglass has rooted in the traditional spectacle culture and shown the distinctive spirit of humanism and unique personality through new materials, new structures and new technology.

Therefore, from the feature of artistic perspective, the bamboo glasses should undoubtedly wooden sunglasses have the typical aesthetic taste and aesthetic value. And this aesthetic value for the optical designers and consumers could be embodied in the following aspects.

First, the bamboo sunglasses have contained the symbolic. Bamboo has had noble spirit of and a special aesthetic value which could not only stimulate the creative mind of designer but also could become the purchasing purpose of most of the consumer.

Second, the bamboo sunglasses have highly collectible value. Bamboo has attracting many handmade wood sunglasses writers and poets through the history in China. However, the wooden sunglass has generally applied the finest wooden glasses such as red sandalwood, ebony, rosewood and other valuable timber production. Therefore, the handmade wood sunglass such as vintage sunglasses could not only has the high cultural value but also has the high collection value. On the other hand, the wooden sunglass is also one kind of environmentally friendly product. Bamboo is one kind of natural material which could not hurt people¡¯s skin and do not have any side effects to people¡¯s skin. On the other hand, the appearance of the bamboo could not be impacted by person's skin or bodily secretions. From all of these factors ,people could find that, the advantage of the wooden sunglasses could not be compared by other normal sunglasses.

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