Startup Business Ideas: Is Drop Shipping Perfect for Your at Home Business?

For those who want to work from home but are nervous about sales and shifty pitches about becoming millionaires’ overnight need to strongly consider drop shipping as a legitimate business. This is one of many startup business ideas that can easily be setup and operational in a matter of days.

Rather than purchasing or making products, a drop shipper processes payments and sends shipping details to the supplier.

“As far as the business end of the matter, you provide products via website or catalog. There is no direct sales taking place,” said Sandy McQueen of

Prices are slightly higher on the front end because of the supplier handling much of the behind-the-scenes work, but it is a fair trade off.

“The shipping labels come from you, not a warehouse or the supplier. All goods look like you personally have shipped them,” said McQueen.

Without any stock on hand and a quickly rotating inventory of products, a drop shipping specialist can quickly earn good money provided they understand the entire business.

“There are some drawbacks,” said McQueen.

Since there is no direct way to a corporate office, handling customer service can be difficult. Expect lots of back and forth calls and telling customers you will need to get back to them with a more definite answer. Not seeing the product directly can be a problem also, because you will not have first-hand knowledge.

“Research to be sure there is no immediate competition. Companies try to get as many people to assist them with drop shipping as possible, even if this means your neighbor is working for the same company,” said McQueen.

McQueen has considerably more to say about drop shipping as well as how to get started quickly and easily. Learn more about what she has to say here .

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