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CMS that stands for content management system performs the function of managing and maintaining the content of a website. Generally, this system comprises two major elements, namely; CMA (content management application) and CDA (content delivery application). The first element helps the author or the content managing authority to create, modify as well as remove all the content from the Web Pages.

With the help of this system, the managing authority is no longer required to take help of an expert webmaster, every time they need to add/update/remove content. The user does not even need to have knowledge of HTML for this purpose. This is the feature that makes it so popular.

The second element which is the delivery application, performs the function of using and compiling the information to keep the website content up-to-date. Although features of a CMS may vary from one to the other, yet most of them have certain fundamental features like format management, indexing, retrieval, search, revision control and web-based publishing.

The feature of web-based publishing helps professional to make use of templates which an organization gives approval along with some other tools and wizards to modify and create the web content. Another feature of format management lets a content manager allow scanned paper information, record as well as electronic documents to convert into PDF and HTML format for website.

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Let us now discuss another feature called revision control which helps in updating the content with new and latest information. If the organization makes any changes in the data files, this system helps in tracking those changes. As a part of indexing features, CMS system helps in indexing all the data in a company. Professionals can then make use of keywords to look up for required data. This system then helps in retrieving and fetching that required piece of data.

Before making investment in content management system, every organization should take some factors into consideration. First of all, there is a need to consider the geographic dispersion and size of the organization, especially if it is spread-over many countries. For such companies, CMS cannot be a simple one.

Another factor that one should take into consideration is the type of data forms used. For example, an organization that frequently makes use of graphics, audio, video, diagram and text documents on a large scale to distribute information may face difficulty in managing content through a simple CMS system.

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