Arnold + Climate Reality Win Gold at Montreux

Arnold Worldwide and Climate Reality received a Gold placement for "Reality Drop" at the Golden Award of Montreaux. The Golden Award of Montreux is honoring companies and individuals responsible for the creation of excellent advertising, multimedia and events within the cultural surroundings of television and music festivals, reflecting in this way that communication is part of the global world of creativity.

Members of an international jury from 16 countries evaluate entries in the main categories film, print, outdoor, digital, media, radio, direct marketing, event/spatial communications.

"Reality Drop" is an innovative social media tool that educates users about the reality of climate change and uses modern gaming techniques to combat professional climate deniers.

Developed through a collaboration with the website Skeptical Science, Reality Drop curates hundreds of online news articles daily for articles that demand a response—whether it’s a misleading quote from a climate denier or a heated debate raging in the comments section. Reality Drop also catalogs more than one hundred of the most pervasive and topical climate myths, and distills complex science into simple and succinct rebuttals that can be shared on social networks or on comment threads beneath news articles. Reality Drop makes it easy for users to find the best science-based response, to apply accessible and easy-to-understand language, add their voice to the conversation—and help cool the argument.