Forth Valley GIS Receives National Innovation Award

On Tuesday 27th November, Forth Valley GIS received the “Innovation and Achievement (Private Sector) 2012” award from the Association of Geographic Information (AGI) for their work with Millar & Bryce on the Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Project (EGIP).

EGIP is a large-scale programme of improvements to the railway infrastructure in Central Scotland that will provide a major boost to the wealth of Scotland and long-term economic sustainability. Working with Millar & Bryce, Forth Valley GIS designed and implemented an innovative online system called Notification Manager. The system brings together land and property ownership information, environmental data, mapping and other location-based information from a wide range of stakeholders into a single online portal available to all project partners.

The system revolutionises the way in which data is collected and shared, providing a platform that improves project collaboration, streamlines land referencing and site assembly business processes, and improves the speed of decision-making.

It is estimated that the new system has generated cost savings of c,£250k across the project teams and saved several months of effort when compared to traditional business processes.

Alan Moore, Chief Executive of Forth Valley GIS, said “Using our unique online GIS platform as the foundation, the collaboration with Millar & Bryce has delivered a solution that not only transforms work on EGIP, but provides a new approach for any large scale, complex infrastructure development project

Roy Arnott, Managing Director of Millar & Bryce, added "We're delighted that the combined efforts of the partnership between Millar & Bryce and Forth Valley GIS has been recognised by this prestigious award. The collaborative approach combines the business and technical strengths of each company to deliver an innovative solution for the client and is an exemplar for future infrastructure development projects"