Is The YouTube Gaming Star Known As Pewdiepie A Racist ?

According to a video posted by YouTuber YoutubersExposed Pewdie, while doing a video commentary on some strange primitive graphics video game, was caught making a racist remark about Indians  and I quote ” Wow I always thought the Indians were just full of shit ! “. I have watched the video and without any doubt PewDiePie does in fact say those very words, but is racism the true motivation behind them ?


” Wow I Always Thought The Indians Were Just Full Of Shit ! “


At first blush, One could immediately assume that PewDiePie is being a racist A*shole but is that neccessarily the case ? Maybe not… You see for Pewds to have been making a solely hateful racist comment we would need more context and unfortunately in this short video clip we do not have a lot of context to prove PewDiePie was in fact being totally racist. There is no doubt that there are what some may construe as racist tones to this statement but we have to ask, what did PewDiePie mean when he made this statement and that may be hard to get to the bottom of.


The Truth Is PewDiePie Wasn’t Being Racist But Was Reading The Script From The Game


Yes it is true although you may try to say PewDiePie was being racist by making this statement well, in fact you would be right that would make him racist but in this case, Pewds was only reading the in game text of one of it’s characters. If you pay close attention to the video you can clearly see a character  with bulging eyes and a red shirt is actually making the statement located at the bottom of the screen. You can also see PewDiePie immediately realizes the hateful energy behind these words and immediately catching himself. Pewds facial expression goes from one of laughter and joy to one of oh sh*t I should not have read that out loud.


Things Are Not Always What They Seem…


At first glance it appears as if PewDiePie is a racist. But like with many things in life we always and must take a closer look. Upon closer inspection of this video that proclaims Pewds is a racist we find that, in fact Pewds was just reading text from a character in the game he was filming. This video actually proves the opposite that Pewdie is not racist and may in fact just be the target of trolls and haters.


Are PewDiePie’s Trolls And Haters To Blame For The Race Card Being Played ?


Could the recent accusations and allegations of Pewds being a racist in actuality just trolls and haters attempting to make PewDiePie look bad ? This could be the case ! It is well known that PewDiePie has his fair share of haters. One only has to go over the comment section of Pewdie’s YouTube videos to see that not everyone is a fan. There very well could be a covert operation taking place to muddy the name and character of Pewdie in an attempt to take down his channel and his success.


Things To Take Into Consideration


In the future it would be wise for PewDiePie to maybe put a disclaimer at the beginning of his videos that feature games that may have racist epitomes. People who may just passively look at a video claiming Pewdie is racist might not be paying close attention leaving them to think PewDiePie is a racist bigot when in fact he is just playing a game. On the internet it does not take much for a rumor to spread and sometimes a rumor can cost a person their reputation and their career. If this video teaches us anything it is to be cautious with what we upload on YouTube and learn from PewDiePie’s mistakes.


In Conclusion


This video did not prove Pewdie was a racist in fact, it went in favor of showing PewDiePie isn’t racist at all. In my opinion it is the work of someone who for whatever reason does not like Pewds and wishes to take him down a peg. I will continue to honestly investigate this situation but it is seeming more and more that PewDiePie being racist may just be a by-product of a flame war between those who love Pewdie and those who don’t. Click here to the full story on the Pewds.


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