All of typically features and advantages of LED tube lights in people's daily life

Shenzhen - There are many factors which could determine the popularity of the LED tube lights. Today, the high reputation manufacturer for LED tube light which website is would let people know more about special features about the LED light.

The first point is that the LED tube is the environmentally friendly lighting device. The traditional fluorescent tubes have contained a lot of mercury vapor. If the light tube would be broken, the mercury vapor will be evaporated into the atmosphere. This kind of situation would cause into the unnecessary pollution. However, the LED lamps should not use mercury and LED products do not contain lead and other harmful substances. On the other hand, the shell of the LED products such as led panel and led torch can also be recycled without any damaging effects on the environment. The LED Tube has already been recognized as the 21st century¡¯s green lighting products.

The second factor of the LED tube light is that it has little heat generation. The traditional lamp uses the tungsten for China led panel lighting device which will generate a lot of heat. However, the LED lamps light efficiency has already reached to 140LM / W which light conversion rate is very high. The temperature of the product surface should be below 60 degrees. The LED do not produce ultraviolet light and it would not cause the fading phenomenon to the document and clothing.

The third point for the LED light should be the little noise of this product. The LED tube lamps would not produce noise. This would be the best choice for the place where would make use of the sophisticated electronic equipment. The LED tube china would be suitable for libraries, offices and other familiar occasions.

On the other hand, the LED tube would have function about eye protection. People should know that the traditional fluorescent lamp use the AC power so it will produce 100 to 120 times strobe within per second. However, the LED lamp has applied the constant current which could largely reduce the LED light decay. The starting for this kind of light tube is very fast without flicker. This would help people protect their eyes.

The most important point for the advantage of the LED tube light should be the great performance of energy saving and long using life. The power consumption of the LED fluorescent lamp such as led panel and led torch power is one third of that for the traditional lamp. On the other hand, the using life of the LED lamp should be 10 times of traditional fluorescent lamp. The Lighting level of the LED tube light should be in consistent with the traditional fluorescent light. The normal life should be 30,000 hours or more.

The other point of the LED tube is the solid capability of it. The LED light body has used the epoxy which is very robust led torch and secure even if people hit it on the floor the LED will not be easily damaged.

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