Shanghai Jinpei Now Extends their Range of Electrolytic Capacitors

Shanghai, China – The electronics industry has emerged like never before and Shanghai Jinpei has been playing a major role in fuelling the growth of this industry. Recently, this China based company has added new Electrolytic Capacitors to their portfolio to extend their range and reiterated their commitment to keep offering improved quality electronic components to the industry.

These capacitors feature great temperature and voltage range and thus are suitable to be used in a range of applications. According to the company, these features are making these capacitors highly desirable among the electronic device manufacturers. With a higher capacitance tolerance level of up to 20%, these new capacitors can withstand high heats and can perform properly under severe conditions. The capacitors have been rated for negligible leakage current and thus they help achieve highly functional efficiency of devices in which they are implemented.

The company maintains that due to their low current leakage, these capacitors are highly admired by the industry for their low cost factor. According to the company spokesperson, “Industries always admire components that can help produce products with a low-cost attribute. Since the end-consumer has  grown very conscious about the cost factors related to the operating and maintenance of devices, industries prefer using our new capacitors that help them achieve the desired features such as higher levels of functionalities at a relatively lower cost.”

Shanghai Jinpei has always been in the forefront of supplying high caliber electronic components and these new Tantalum capacitors are being seen as an attempt to gain a superior control in the electronic components market. With an enhanced production capacity, the company can supply capacitors to their global clients. Moreover, the company believes in product customizations and can deliver products as per the client’s chosen technical parameters. This is the reason why electronic appliance and device manufacturers prefer using their customized capacitors for their unique product development needs. One can learn more about their different types of capacitors and the company’s excellent development and delivery capabilities by visiting their website

About Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company

Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company was founded in 2005 and has over 30 years experience in the R&D of capacitors. With their strong R&D base, the company is producing a diverse range of advanced and superior technology capacitors for the electronic and electrical industries. The company has always been committed to delivering unconventional and highly technical design and development with a strong technical team, and keeps adding innovative products from time to time.

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