The creation and developing history of the famous soccer shoe

UK - When did people created the first pair of football boot in the world? This should be a very difficult for most of people even the senior football fans. Today, the editor from which is the best online shop for cheap football boots would give people some information about the development and history of the football shoe.

The earliest documented data has shown that earliest pair of "soccer shoes" was born in 1526, of course, there was no one would specifically prepare shoes for playing soccer at that time. The reason why this event could be recorded is that this first football shoe¡¯s owner is not ordinary people but Tudor's second King-Henry VIII who like weapons, sports and hunting. The exhibition in the Tower of London in April 2009 had already exhibited his football boot. Due to the effort of King Henry, the word ¡°football boot¡± had been invented.

In the middle and late of 19th century, the development of football had entered into a new stage, which was called the modern football stage. October 26, 1863, the British had established world's first football association which name is Football Association at the Hotels Fremont Mason in Queen Street in London. This should be the historic time for the development of football.

To May 21, 1904, the International Federation of Football Association which is also called the Duvetica Jackets sale FIFA was founded. After that time, the football had begun to establish uniform rules and standards around world. After the finishing of a number of formal match and championship, the development of soccer shoes were also synchronized started. At the initial stage, there are no rules and standards for football boots and the weight of some boots could be more than a pound. Furthermore, the materials for the football boots¡¯ surface were also not the same so the inappropriate shoes usually caused into the injuries of football players.

When the time moved into the early 20th century, the large-scale production of soccer shoes had become normally, which also made the football players had a certain range of selection. The first mass-produced brand for football boots are Gola, Valsport and Hummel. Gola had produced the world's first handmade leather soccer shoes in 1905. This shoe has stilled displayed in the UK GOLA museum until today. The first half of the 20th century can be said the beginning of the professional soccer shoes.

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