Mella Memo: October 2013

REPLERE® by Dr. Debbie Palmer:

Dermatologist-Developed REPLERE® Acne Solutions Kit: Antioxidant-Based Skincare Offers Proven, Natural Solution for Acne Patients

Based on new research, the dermatologist community is re-thinking what causes acne and how to treat it. The secret is antioxidants, which can be used to treat acne both orally and topically. And since antioxidants are all natural, healthy, safe and effective, it's a breakthrough method of treatment for acne sufferers of all ages.

Dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer is one of the country’s leading experts in antioxidants. She leads the Dermatology Associates of New York, where she has found that 80 percent of her acne patients get results from antioxidant therapy. She is also founder of REPLERE® skincare, which contains powerful antioxidants such as Coffea arabica extract and is one of the most effective antioxidant skincare lines on the market.

"New research shows that inflammation triggers acne. Studies also suggest that patients with acne are under increased systemic and skin oxidative stress. They appear to consume antioxidants at a faster pace than their acne-free peers. Treating this inflammation with antioxidants, on the inside and on the skin, can be a key solution for many acne sufferers."

Because REPLERE is packed with antioxidants, such as Coffea arabica extract, they are an ideal topical and oral treatment for acne – powerful, all natural and suitable for all skin types.

This Fall, Dr. Palmer introduced the REPLERE® Acne Solutions Kit including REPLERE Face Wash, Skin Tonic and exclusive Beauty Shooters, available at

Dr. Palmer also discusses the correlation between stress & acne on the Replere Blog



Preen.Me Social Beauty Platform: Largest Peer-to-Peer Beauty Community in the World

Launches Fall/Winter 2013 Collaborations with Beauty Industry Icons

Since its launch in June 2012, Preen.Me has quickly become one of the largest global beauty platforms, as well as an influential and organically viral community of beauty users. With a growing base of 6000+ contributing makeup artists who have uploaded over 25,000 looks, Preen.Me continues to heavily engage its 1.7+ million Facebook fans.

Preen.Me recently kicked off a series of partnerships with leading cosmetic brands such as Lanĉome, ck one color cosmetics, Flower by Drew Barrymore and Stila/, with more in the works for the Fall/Winter launch season. Preen.Me brand collaborations ensure that marketing dollars go a lot further through viral life and quality reach.

The Preen.Me platform provides focused outreach to two key audiences for any brand: beauty addicts and makeup artists. Moreover, Preen.Me’s sampling model is unique: “Typically a sample gets in the hands of a consumer and dies there. We get product into the hands of influencers – our thousands of contributing makeup artists. They create looks that then go viral on our platform and have huge social engagement. The brand benefits from the authentic peer to peer education, testimonials, and the massive, targeted reach of the unique content”,” explains Preen.Me CEO Tamar Yaniv.

More about Preen.Me's latest initiatives.

New on the Preen.Me Blog, from beauty editor & natural beauty blogger Valerie Latona: Sexy, Non-Toxic Nail Polishes Every Woman Should be Wearing


Great Museums Television:

Earlier this September, the Great Museums Television film crew headed back to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum for a day shoot with its President & CEO Greg Harris and an exclusive interview with musician Graham Nash, a two-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum for his work with The Hollies and Crosby, Stills, & Nash. 

They also filmed at the Rolling Stones exhibit and caught footage of an iconic Michael Jackson costume being prepped for display at the Museum. 

Read more about the shoot on the Great Museums Blog: News & Views.

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