Best Small Business Ideas: Work from Home Blogger has Excellent Suggestion

House cleaning comes down to only a few kinds of people.

- Those who like to clean
- Those who hate to clean
- Those who are paid to clean
- Those who pay to clean

Those who fall into the first category are rare, but they are in a unique position to have a great work-from-home career opportunity.  This opportunity is one of a few of the best small business ideas that someone could latch onto and make their own.

“Many who clean homes do not do the blinds or do not do the blinds well.  This is the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur,” said Sandy McQueen of

The sheer surface area of venetian blinds makes them difficult to clean.  So difficult in fact that many venetian blind manufacturers offer training on how to adequately clean blinds.

“This training is ideal.  It is the perfect way to decide if the career is right for you,” said McQueen.

There are two ways to clean blinds, by hand and machine, and McQueen goes into excellent detail about the pros and cons of each on her page.

Like any business, registering with the appropriate state agency is also important.

“There is plenty of information about setting up a small business on my page,” said McQueen.

To learn more about venetian blind cleaning, materials necessary and videos about the service, visit McQueen’s page on the subject here .

If you are interested in learning more about the best small business ideas or what Sandy has to say about starting businesses and her other suggestions and solutions for working from home, visit her website at

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