Manhattan, ready for the PSY Soju Bottle?

On August 1st, Hite Jinro released Psy Soju, a limited edition Psy Chamisul Soju bottle, to the U.S. markets. Following the release, our PSY Team eagerly awaited Psy Soju’s debut in the Big Apple. From September 4th to September 14th, Hite Jinro secured two PSY mobile billboards to loop around populated areas, such as Manhattan, the Yankees Stadium, and specific stops around Queens. They’ve also equipped PSY’s flashy mobile billboards with 3-days (September 5th to September 7th) of sporadic and flash mob-esque dancing with a PSY-impersonator and his entourage! Stay tuned, as you may receive limited edition PSY-caricature stickers in addition to live street performances you don’t want to miss! For specified locations, make sure to check out PSY-SOJU.COM.

Hite Jinro has also planned 9-nightly events. Our PSY Team will be in Korea Town, Manhattan, taking over restaurants and bars primed with buzz-worthy games and a multitude of great prizes. What sorts of games? For one, prepare to spin the PSY-clone and test your luck. For the more daring diners, “Psy Sul Show” will serve as a guidebook! Participants will be asked to boldly replicate Psy’s tactical drinking skills – check out the Elbow Shot and the Newbie shot. Do you have what it takes?

Hite Jinro strategically placed “EX-PSY-TED” posters, billboards, and mobile billboards even in the very crevices of New York to remind its residents that PSY Soju is coming! The curious should visit PSY-SOJU.COM, as it is the gateway to every location both mobile billboards and dancers will stop at, restaurants and bars PSY Team will frequent, the games’ rules and prizes, and finally – a page to DEMAND PSY Soju in your area!

The new bottles, graced with PSY’s face, is sold in two colors (blue and yellow) and two sizes (375 ml and 750 ml) for a limited time only!

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