DJ Monique Rodrigues

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Monique is a resident DJ at New York City's most popular clubs, like the Box, The Darby and Southside. She also spins at private events with legends DJ Cassidy and Q-Tip. From an early age she has been fascinated by dance and music. The community carnival festivities that she attended with her mother made a lasting impression, and had a huge influence on her future career choices and personality.

After leaving Brazil and coming to the United States as a teenager, Monique preserved her cultural identity while quickly adapting to her new lifestyle. Music was an essential part of her transition to life as an American teenager - it's how she learned the language. Monique began to appreciate all of the diverse styles of American music and the influences they brought.

Monique Rodrigues has also worked as a model for both print ad campaigns and runway shows for a variety of International brands and Brazilian fashion houses. Some of her shoots include Seventeen Magazine in Milan along with several campaigns for fitness, hair, fashion and music.

In her early twenties Monique began to see 
potential for a career in music. With the encouragement of her friends, she was introduced to the world of New York City nightlife and started to do DJ gigs around the city.

Also as a certified Pilates instructor at a successful Manhattan studio, Monique is able to pursue her love for music and dance 24 hours a day through two very different yet complimentary careers - Pilates instructor by day, and DJ by night. She creates custom mixes for every event she plays, each one inspired by her diverse musical interests, both Brazilian and American. She'll be launching her own Brazilian Party series in December at a Coffee Shop in New York City.

Selected Clients

Vice magazine, Offline with Qtip, Galore magazine (MIAMI music conference), Darby downstairs, The Box, Lil Charlie's, Southside, Jezebel Soho, 1OAK (fundraiser), Trump Soho, Rif Raff

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