Profitable Business Ideas: Earn Money Online with Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell is an Internet marketing coach and has been incredibly successful in his practice. With a computer and appropriate Internet connection, virtually anyone can search for profitable business ideas and make money working online.

“Chances are if you are reading this PR, you can use Farrell’s program to make money online,” said Sandy McQueen of

The training program consists of videos clients watch. Several thousand are available for clients and new ones are added almost daily. It is a winning formula for those who want to make money.

A 7-day trial membership is $4.95, and once complete and you choose to continue, there is a flat monthly fee after that.

“The flat fee covers all of the website expenses, support 24/7 and guidance from the home office. It is perfect for anyone seeking to work from home,” said McQueen.

Originally from London, England, Farrell now lives in Beverly Hills. Starting in 2008, he was making $250.00 a day in 6 months and then a millionaire shortly after that.

His program is geared strictly to beginners who are unfamiliar with Internet-based marketing and sales. Advanced users may find his lessons boring and repetitive.

“Farrell is very transparent, open and honest. Unlike many sales pitches, he will not promise you riches without hard work and dedication. This is something sorely missing in many Internet sales pitches,” said McQueen.

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