Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy shares Testimony at 2014 Stellar Awards

Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy shares Testimony at 2014 Stellar Awards



Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy with eight nominations will perform their hit single “Testimony,” during the live telecast of the Stellar Gospel Music Awards on January 18, 2014.



Shirley’s House Entertainment, LLC. (Press Release)- December 8, 2013- Washington, DC – Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy, a gospel ensemble that is known for their impeccable ability to blend complex harmonies into song received eight nominations for Stellar Gospel music awards. After receiving the news, Anthony Brown, the group’s maestro posted to Facebook saying, “Still having a "WOW" moment. Thank you to everyone who voted and congrats to all of the nominees!!! WOW!!!!” Nominations include best new artist of the year, song of the year, and CD of the year. This is following an incredible year of performances to include BET celebration of Gospel and a rare appearance at the Essence music festival honoring gospel legend Donnie McClurkin.

Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy released their debut album in August 2012 and immediately received accolades. Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy’s self-titled album, debuted at #3 on the Gospel Billboard and #6 on iTunes Christian/Gospel charts. The lead single “Testimony,” remains in the longest running top 10 radio single in gospel music.

With Anthony Brown at the helm, Group TherAPy began as Answered Prayers in 2001. Meeting at Morgan State University the group began to rehearse and perform locally. At the Gospel Music Workshop in America (GMWA), the ensemble forged a lasting relationship with Maurette Brown Clark. This lead to them serving as background vocalists for her next two albums, “The Dream” and “The Sound of Victory.” One of which produced a #1 single “It Ain’t Over” penned by Anthony Brown. Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy are touring, preparing for their upcoming performance and beginning to work on their sophomore album.


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Quick Facts

What is the meaning behind the name Group TherAPy?

“Music has the capacity to go places that words cannot. We sing the message and put in a way that people can palate it.  It is like a soft gel pill.  People don’t even know that they are getting the help until they swallow it.”

How did the ministry begin?

Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy began in early 2000 under the name Answered Prayers.  Anthony Brown put the group together as a means to showcase song that he had been writing.  “I wanted to have a vehicle to showcase some of the songs God had given me.”  After a period of transition, the current configuration is called Group TherAPy.  The capital letters AP in the current name of the group is homage to the previous name.

How did it feel to be nominated for a Stellar Gospel music awards, not once but 8 times?

It is a huge honor and completely unexpected.  We released Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy as our introduction to the gospel music industry. The incredible support we’ve received is humbling.

Why gospel music?

We sing Gospel music because it is our foundation.  Even though Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy is well versed in several genres of music, we all go back to our first love, what we grew up with.  All of us grew up with roots in the church and gospel music is a huge part of that.

If not, a Christian/gospel artist then what?

Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy met as students at Morgan State University. Most of the members of Group TherAPy have degrees in fields of study that go beyond music. Some of us would be educators, while others would be involved with customer service and even government contracting.  It is because of our diverse backgrounds that make Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy special.

What has been the best moment of your career?

It’s hard to say what the best moment is since we just begun.  However, we’ve experienced extraordinary favor since the release of our album.  With being allowed to open for Mary Mary on their “Go Get It” tour to performing on the BET Celebration of Gospel, honoring our father in Gospel music Donnie McClurkin at the Essence music festival and the overwhelming response from our project, are all extraordinary moments and will forever be cherished.

What is the meaning behind the song “Testimony”?

The song Testimony was birthed out of Anthony Brown’s own testimony.  He overcame a speech impediment and a dyslexia diagnosis to win Baltimore cities spelling “B”. This information came after his parents were told that he would never read or write by doctors.

What do you hope for your music to accomplish?

We hope that it serves as an inspiration for everyone who hears it.  We have a responsibility to share what God has given us so that we can be a help to others.

What is next for Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy?

Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy is preparing for an up and coming Stellar Award performance and beginning work on their sophomore album which will be recorded live. 

What is the inspiration behind the album Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy?

We wanted to create a project that showcases our diverse musical backgrounds.  It is a musical journey that is honest, transparent, and person. 

What is it about Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy that is different from any other gospel group?  After all, aren’t all gospel artists singing about the same thing?

Gospel artists share the message of God in their own way. Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy is different because we have blended various musical genres into a new and unusual sound.

How has Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy changed since the album release?

Life has been a whirlwind. There’s been a lot of singing, moving, and travelling. But overall, it has been a great experience. We’ve met some amazing people and have heard so many incredible testimonies!

What do you want people to come away with after an evening with Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy?

We want people to have an Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy experience.  Although we put on an entertaining performance, we want to always make sure that we emphasize the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of God’s redeeming love.  We want for our audience to leave our concerts with a renewed sense of hope for their lives both now and into the future.

What is the most difficult moment of your career?

In 2009, when the group was still named Answered Prayers, a fellow group member, a soprano, Melanie Winborn passed away from an extensive bout with liver cancer.

What is the biggest misconception about gospel artists?

One of the biggest misconceptions about gospel artist is that for some reason we are treated as if we are above reproach and are perfect. 

Contemporary Gospel artists often receive some form of criticism from traditional listening audiences. What do you say to those who express their traditional views in a negative light?

It is important to us to follow in the footsteps of those that blazed the trail before us.  Many legends like the Hawkins family, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, the Clark Sisters and many others saw it fit to share the same message in a way that was not done previously. Our brother and sisters in the church are familiar with the goodness of God but it is our duty to be fishers of men.  We are meant to reach those who have never been exposed to and reach them in a manner that they can relate to.

As a Gospel artist, what are some of the challenges that you may encounter in various settings?

Because of where God has called us to go He as equipped us to minister to individuals from the diplomat, to the most conservative of Christians, to the completely un-churched.  The members of Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy have unique gifts and abilities, which allow us to handle many social and religious backgrounds.          

Do you find it difficult to get fed spiritually

All members of the group serve under a ministry in our local cities.  When we are not on the road, we all belong to ministries in our local cities. Our churches are where we are being fed spiritually and growing.

We’ve all heard stories about Gospel artists who fail to live up to what they sing. Did you feel any pressure to be perfect?

No.  We believe why were are unique is because we understand that we are not perfect nor do we preach perfection in any way.  We portray excellence in all that we do but understand that we are all human beings capable of error. 

Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy is nominated for 8 Stellar Gospel Music awards. Earlier this year, the group received a Dove Award nomination but did not win. If the outcome is the same for the Stellar Awards what is next?

It is an honor to be recognized and included among the best names in Gospel music.  The nomination itself is a win for us and we thank everyone who voted for us.  We will keep doing what we believe God has called for us to do which is to reach as many people as we can with our ministry and our voices.