Walkers and Runners Help "Save The Liver!"

A simple stroll in the park once a year can make the difference in helping improve the lives of 30 million Americans living with liver disease. You and your family or co-workers can take the challenge on Sunday, August 4, 2013, 8 AM, City Park Pavilion and get ready for the Rocky Mountain Division of the American Liver Foundation’s annual Liver Life Walk & 5K Run

Besides helping the 30 million Americans with the liver disease, the Liver Life Walk & 5K Run is a chance for you to help your community and the Colorado residents living with liver disease. The Liver Life Walk & 5K Run is always looking for first-time walkers and volunteers to join the legions of seasoned veterans. 

“The Liver Life Walk & 5K Run is an event for everyone of all ages,” said Joe McCormack, Division spokesperson. “Whether you’re 16 or 86 years old, it doesn’t matter. The point is that people come out and have a great time while walking and running for a great cause.”

This year we return to Denver's beautiful City Park Pavilion where participants and can check-in, register and enjoy after event festivities.  Walkers and runners enjoy each the fun with pre-event fun, water stations and dedicated volunteers along the route. This year's expanded Vendor Expo will have giveaways for participants, food and liver disease educational materials.

According to Joe McCormack, “This year, the Liver Life Walk & 5K Run has two purposes.  Besides raising money for liver disease research and education, the Liver Life Walk & 5K Run hopes to educate the public about the importance of being tested for liver disease.” 

This year's LIVEr Champion is Gabrielle Bond. Gabrielle was born with Biliary Atresia, a rare life threatening liver condition in which the bile from the liver is unable to drain. At 4 weeks of age she had an operation called Kasai, connecting he small intestine directly to her liver allowing the bile to drain.  The Kasai operation works for some babies, but eventually most need a liver transplant. Gabrielle was in and out of the hospital for 11 years with infections, ascites and numerous complications as her liver continued to get worse causing her to be sick a lot and mis a lot of school.

In June of 2011, Gabrielle's doctors decided it was time to be listed for a transplant. On January 11, 2012 her mom and dad picked her up from school that morning and giving Gabrielle the news that a liver was on its way to the hospital for her.  "On the inside I was happy and scared and on the outside I was terrified," said Gabrielle,  "I went to the hospital and waited and then early that evening I went to the operating room for my transplant." Gabrielle went on to say, "Today, I am healthy and feeling great. I am dancing, laughing and jumping for joy and so grateful for the wonderfully incredible care I have received from my doctors, nurses and family. I am very thankful to my donor family for my new liver."

Liver disease affects one in every 10 Americans. Symptoms are often silent for years but, diagnosis for many common types of liver diseases can be done with a simple blood test. Early diagnosis leads to earlier treatment and cure.  

For more information about liver disease and to register for the Liver Life Walk & 5K Run, visit or call the Rocky Mountain Division of the American Liver Foundation at 303-988-4388.  Or call, 24 hours a day, 1-800-GO-LIVER.

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