Breck Epic Announces 2014 Dates


Breckenridge, CO - September 9, 2013 - Organizers of the Breck Epic MTB Stage Race (Powered by SRAM) are pleased to announce 2014 dates for the popular 6-day mountain bike stage race. Slated for August 10-15, the event will once again (with tongue firmly in cheek) serve as MTB Stage Race World Championships for all categories. The Enduro categories successfully integrated in 2013 will return in slightly different formats, each incorporating vital rider feedback from their inaugural year. Additionally, in response to disparities in field sizes, 2014 categories have evolved to better reflect participation numbers.

"We launched our first Breck Epic in 2009 with the simple belief that XC racing could be better. That it could, and more importantly, should offer greater value to the MTB community; bigger experiences, grander landscapes, better value, and more lasting memories for both racers and enthusiasts," offers Epic race director Mike McCormack, "Along the way we've been gifted with incredible loyalty from our participants and best-in-class support from our bike industry partners."

"When we launched in 2009 our plan was simple; we combined a conscientiously organized event with ambitious back-of-beyond race courses and courted passionate people to participate. It's proven a powerful mix. Not much has changed as we prepare for 2014 - we just try to be organized and thoughtful. We attempt to set the standard for course marking. And we listen to people when they have issues," continues McCormack, "It's simple stuff. Seeing the 2013 race sell out in February last year tells us that our particular recipe works."

The Epic will once again serve as the unofficial and self-ascribed "MTB Stage Race World Championships". The designation first emerged in 2012, applying only to the singlespeed category. Created in response to what was perceived by Epic organizers as increasing rigidity and self-importance among mountain biking's established national and international governing bodies, the World Champion designation was expanded to all fields in 2013, a practice that will continue in 2014. GC winners in all 2014 categories earn the semi-official "World MF Champ" title along with a ceremonial jersey from in-on-the-joke apparel partner Twin Six.

Epic's Enduro categories will return as well, but will incorporate invaluable rider feedback from 2013's inaugural year. Enduro Men Open and Enduro Women Open categories expand in 2014 with daily Enduro stage wins awarded in each category. Top descenders in every field will be also be ranked using a point system in lieu of elapsed time per segment method. Each athlete's inter-category point rank will be applied to determine an overall men's and women's champion at race end with overall rank format creating the possibility of an overall champion emerging from virtually any category. 

2014 categories will morph to reflect established well-established demographic trends among participants. Swollen Men's Solo Open and Men's Solo 40+ categories are to be split into Pro and Amateur subdivisions, while lightly populated age and gender divisions will be condensed in order to create reasonably sized, yet competitive fields.

Epic's 3-day "Epic-curious" event also returns, this year in two iterations. 3-day riders may elect to compete in stages one through three, or in stages four through six in Open Men, Open Women and Men 40+ categories. Identical to the 6-day version, 3-day stages utilize the popular cloverleaf format, each beginning and ending within the historic Victorian mining town of Breckenridge.

Registration for the 6th annual Breck Epic and Epic-curious events is now open via Significant early bird pricing discounts remain in effect until September 30th. For more information on the race, the course or the community please visit

About Greenspeed & The Breck Epic The Greenspeed Project was founded in 2008, its stated mission to underwrite local open-space initiatives using the proceeds generated from distinctive backcountry events. In founder Mike McCormack’s words, “There are big holes in the conventional ‘event-o-sphere’ that events like Downieville, Crankworx and The Firecracker fill. Greenspeed operates in that space to produce events that make cycling richer and more resonant both for the participant and the industry.” Greenspeed’s signature event is the 6-day Breck Epic MTB Stage Race, held in and around the backcountry surrounding Breckenridge, CO.