InterWeave SMART Solutions – Salesforce and NetSuite – now fully integrated

InterWeave SMART Solutions deliver powerful yet easy-to-use configurable integration Solutions for Salesforce customers, allowing seamless integration of data uni or bi-directional at object level from Salesforce and NetSuite.

InterWeave Smart Solutions are Different:

  • Complete, pre-built integration Solutions – between “Best of Breed” applications
  • All processes, workflow logic, mapping is ready for you to configure – with a mouse and the web
  • Smart Solutions are completely configurable by the customer with pick lists, drop downs and custom fields
  • Start-ups, SMB or Enterprise – select exactly the right type of configuration model for you – modify at any time
  • Extensive portfolio of Smart Solutions waiting for you to configure
  • Complete outsource packages available – no software, no hardware, no developers, no overhead – just sign and go

InterWeave Smart Solutions deliver a complete integration process for popular business applications. Let’s look at a favorite, and NetSuite. WithInterWeave Smart Solutions, you can purchase, configure and run a customized integration Solution for these applications that integrate all standard Salesforce objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products) to all standard NetSuite objects (Customers, Contacts, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates, Jobs, Items); configure, test and run. Or , if you need sophisticated customization – call us – we do this every day.

Smart Solutions Types

We have the right Smart Solution Type for you. An InterWeave model, make and price point for every customer.

  • Professional – starts at $1,499
  • Premier – starts at $1,999
  • Small Business – starts at $2,299
  • Enterprise starts at $2,999

Key Features include:

  • Uni or bi-directional integration at object level
  • Create and update Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Estimates, Jobs, etc. in NetSuite from Salesforce
  • All NetSuite information; Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, etc. create or update Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Products in Salesforce
  • New! Accounts Payable features for Bills, Checks, Deposits, Credits, COA, Journals, Vendor Credits and more….in Salesforce.
  • All NetSuite history available in Salesforce; Invoices, payment history, etc.
  • Configurable options allow you to change / select new integration configurations as your business changes—at object level
  • Error Management and Monitoring, Connection Monitoring, Log Viewer
  • Automatic email or IM notification if error detected

You don’t need to be a technical resource, analyst or developer. We supply theSmart Solution, the servers, the support personnel and most important; we supply the application knowledge at a process, data and technical level through years of working with these applications — all in configurable form.

There are a variety of InterWeave Smart Solutions available; from CRM, Financial, Payment Gateways, ERP, eCommerce, Billing, Telephony and more.

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