Roya Mahboob Meets David Coleman of Common Core

At a recent black tie event celebrating the Time 100, Roya Mahboob of met David Coleman, one of the architects of the Common Core State Standards. Cupcake Digital, which creates Common Core apps, was one of the early supporters of Mahboob and the movement to create Internet-connected classrooms for students in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Brad Powers, Chairman of Cupcake Digital, said in arecent video interview, “Whether you’re introducing a new school once a week or once a month, the power to reach so many different children and affect so many different lives is staggering, and that’s all through creating that infrastructure.” “If there’s a separation between men and women, online education can provide, in a completely separate environment, a foundation for women to actually get an education.” He points out that connected classrooms, like the ones Mahboob is building in Afghanistan, give women a window to the world. He says, “It allows women to interact with each other and interact with the world.”

Mahboob, who is a pioneer in education in Afghanistan for women, met with David Coleman, a pioneer in education in the United States. As one of the architects of the Common Core State Standards, he’s helping define the next generation of education in America. As Susan Miller, co-founder of Cupcake Digital, said in a recent video, “The Common Core curriculum standards are not on the tips of everyone’s tongues now, but they will be.” Cupcake Digital designs educational apps that incorporate the standards to create Common Core apps.

Mahboob said of Cupcake Digital, “I am extremely grateful for the support the company has offered. Their support of education in Afghanistan is important, especially as the world becomes more connected through social media. By helping bring computers and technology to Afghanistan, Brad, Susan, and the rest of the Cupcake Digital team are helping build the future of this country.”