Cbeyond Enables Self – Management of Cloud Services with TotalCloud® Foundation Service

Atlanta - (December 17, 2013)Cbeyond Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY), the technology ally for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced it has further expanded its portfolio of cloud services with the launch of TotalCloud® Foundation (TCF), an enterprise-grade cloud computing service platform that is open and flexible, allowing businesses and managed services providers (MSPs) to take full advantage of cloud-computing without being locked into a fully managed environment.

MSPs can use TotalCloud Foundation as a core cloud computing foundation and easily develop and deploy custom solutions and tools that meet the specific needs of their customers. The flexible platform also allows MSPs to self-manage the platform or choose the level of managed services that best suits their business models and customer requirements.

For businesses with advanced and complex IT environments, TCF provides sophisticated self-service and control capabilities without the restrictions of a fully-managed cloud environment.  This makes TCF an ideal platform for cloud application development.

“IT teams and MSPs realize that the cloud is critical to their IT strategies, and now they no longer have to choose between self-service environments which require considerable time and expense to utilize, and all-or nothing managed environments that offer no opportunity for customization or value-added solutions,” said Satish Hemachandran, Senior Director of Product Management, Cloud Services, Cbeyond. “TCF joins our expanding portfolio of services that help businesses transition fully or partially to the cloud with infrastructure backed by Cbeyond’s enterprise-class facilities and deep cloud expertise.“

To date, Cbeyond has successfully implemented TCF with a number of its major customers, including managed service providers (MSPs) that provide data management, records keeping, billing and other services for SMBs with limited IT infrastructure.

 VirtualDBS, a Cbeyond customer since 2012, offers in-the-cloud database services that empower corporate decision makers to gain strategic business insights. Cbeyond’s TotalCloud Foundation gives them the customizable infrastructure to offer their clients reliable, secure best-in-class tools for data integration, predictive analytics, real-time data enhancement, and campaign management.

“Cbeyond’s TotalCloud Foundation service has enabled VirtualDBS to quickly execute on customer needs by leveraging a managed virtual environment, also the flexible nature of the deployment model has allowed us control of the virtual machines, access controls, and software choices we deploy” says Brad Mitchell, CEO, VirtualDBS. “Additionally, because of the wide reach of Cbeyond physical network infrastructure, we’re able to link TotalCloud Foundation with other datacenters we maintain in order to ensure backup and replication between sites with short recovery point objective (RPO) and low recovery time objective (RTO).”

The availability of TotalCloud Foundation comes a year after Cbeyond launched the award-winning TotalCloud Data Center, a secure, enterprise-class set of managed services that allow SMBs to increase efficiency, flexibility and scalability through a highly customizable cloud computing solution. While TCDC provides fully-managed cloud services, TCF enables greater flexibility for MSPs and IT teams seeking to layer in their own applications and services via the Cbeyond platform. The two platforms can also be used in tandem to move applications and services seamlessly between development and production environments.

TCF is a key aspect of Cbeyond 2.0, the company’s business strategy that focuses heavily on cloud and other advanced technologies. Previously released Cbeyond 2.0 product platforms were the aforementioned TotalCloud Data Center and TotalCloud Phone System, an advanced version of Cbeyond's hosted PBX offering.

Cbeyond’s suite of cloud computing services let SMBs increase efficiency, flexibility and scalability through highly customizable solutions. Customers benefit from key features like multiple virtual computer and storage bundles, security options for compliance support, integrated network connectivity and intuitive self-service applications. Optional infrastructure services included dedicated and shared storage, or dedicated physical services to create private or hybrid cloud deployment. These solutions can be combined with add-on services for cloud assessment and migration, SQL support, backup and other application management services.

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