Accell Group NV Launches Accell North America

KENT, Wash. (April 16, 2013) – Officials from Accell Group NV, a leading global bicycle company based in the Netherlands, announce the formalization of a new entity: Accell North America.

Accell North America is a collection of stand-alone companies that will operate in a collaborative and integrated manner, sharing efficiencies and synergies of the global parent company, the Accell Group NV (AG). The resulting entity will further the profitability and value equation of specialty retail partnership tailored for North American IBD’s. The independent companies comprising Accell North America include:

-       Raleigh America (Raleigh and Diamondback)

-       Raleigh Canada

-       Seattle Bike Supply (Redline, Torker, XLC)

-       Currie Technologies (iZip)

-       Lapierre North America

AG is Europe’s leading specialty bicycle supplier offering a strong portfolio of complementary, independent bicycle and accessory brands and a proven, successful retail partnership strategy. AG is the leading e-bike supplier globally.

Raleigh Cycles, Ltd., joined the AG portfolio in April 2012. Since that time, the Dutch company invested in the business platform of Raleigh America, enabling it to become one of North America’s fastest growing bike companies. This was achieved by the prioritization of product innovation, multi-brand assortment, proven retail partner profitability and customer service. The next step, according to Jeroen Snijders Blok, COO of Accell Group NV, is to tailor the successful European AG approach for the North American market.

“Simulating our success in Europe, Accell North America’s leadership team will work in a highly collaborative manner while retaining and furthering the independence of the brands and companies creating the new platform. The result will be a multi-brand opportunity that will yield a more efficient and profitable partnership model coordinating back-end capabilities to enhance benefits to the IBD on the front end,” said Snijders Blok.

The launch process for the new entity is well underway. All of the companies and brands comprising Accell North America are operational and well established in North America. What’s more, the Raleigh America sales force can now collaborate with SBS to offer a complete parts and accessories collection exclusively to dealers. The move brings established dealers greater selection and efficiencies in the buying process while concurrently enabling SBS to have an established outside sales force for the first time.

Other key changes around the transition to Accell North America that are already in process involve changes and additions to its new leadership team. In addition to Steve Meineke’s announcement as CEO, Chris Speyer will move from his role as Executive Vice President of Product and Marketing for Raleigh America, to become the Chief Operating Officer of Accell Group North America. Sharon Robinson will serve as CFO of Accell North America.

A new division has also been established for Lapierre North America, led by Kirk Bauch as the Director of Sales and Marketing and Lorna Schouten as Marketing Manager.

Greg Blackwell was also announced as the President of SBS in January of this year. Larry Pizzi will continue to serve Currie Technologies as President.

Dave Taylor will lead Raleigh Canada’s sales efforts to engage the IBD retailer. George Simone was recently promoted to Raleigh America National Sales Director.

“This is the next era of opportunity for our dealers to unify our combined
companies under the powerhouse of Accell North America,” said Meineke, CEO of Accell North America. “We are actively working to solidify the foundation that’s needed to create the next era of a profitable, authentic IBD solution based on multiple, independent brands.”

More infrastructure changes and efficiencies drawn from AG will be integrated into Accell North America and announced to IBD partners through Q2 and Q3, 2013, respectively. Specifically, IBD partners will realize:

-       Dealer benefits package that offers rewards support for partnering with Accell North America brands and companies

-       Combined purchasing and sourcing capabilities, which will enhance buying power and on-time delivery of bicycles and parts/accessories

-       Combined, negotiated freight rates – both inbound and outbound – to dealers of all Accell North America companies and brands

-       A shared, and efficient, IT, logistics and warehousing platform

-       Business-to-business planning and synergies

-       Product development resources and service-center capabilities by Currie Technologies for e-bikes

“As a team, Accell North America’s leadership shares an unwaivering commitment toward one shared goal,” said Meineke. “We exist to bring a next generation profit making retail partnership model for our valued dealers through scaling our proven friendly, flexible and service-driven approach to doing business. We will bring choice, innovation, service and success to our IBD partners with a new, multi-brand partnership model in January 2014.”

Details of the new Accell North America will be unveiled to dealers at DealerCamp in July, and to the industry at Interbike in September.

About Accell North America:

Accell North America is committed to leading in cycling innovation in product, brand and specialty business practices to grow Independent Bicycle Retail in North America. Accell North America is the North American business entity of Accell Group, NV, Europe’s leading bicycle company. Accell North America, located in Kent, Wash., is completely focused on growing the specialty bike business by providing excellence in customer service, product innovation, profitability and brand marketing on the regional and national level.

Media Contact: Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, Verde PR,, 970.259.3555