Moms Take the Lead with CityMD

As with all great things, our partnership with CityMD started with a story.  Some of you may know CityMD as your local urgent care practice.  You know, the place you go when you have a mini-emergency and your physician isn’t available or you don’t want to wait in the Emergency Room.  With extended and weekend hours, CityMD’s prompt services are an attractive alternative for all of life’s unexpected emergencies.

However, our partnership with CityMD goes deeper than their service offerings.  Sure, we want everyone to know about CityMD, but what inspired our partnership was CityMD’s belief in being an agent of change in people’s lives.

“We want people in NY to feel better, get healthier and live a better life.  We may only be a small part of their lives, but we want to be a positive force in changing their health habits.  Of course just being able to help them for their immediate medical needs is important, but we want to be an agent of change in people living their lives to the fullest.” said Calvin Hwang, Chief Brand Officer for CityMD.

“At Romio, our mission is to connect people to the best of what’s around them.  We are devoted to bringing local businesses and neighbors together in a way that is meaningful and relevant.” said Tarik Sansal, CEO of Romio.

So we asked ourselves, ‘How can we share CityMD’s story?’  Then it occurred to us.  Living a healthy life starts at home.  It starts with Families.  It starts with mothers.

So we reached out to local NYC moms who write daily about being a mom in this hectic town we call home.  And we asked them if they would like to lead the conversation with CityMD on how we can all live better, healthier lives.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Serena Norr of Mama Goes Natural, Sherice Guillory Torres of The BadAssMama Chronicles, and Jessica Shyba of Momma’s Gone City.  These 3 moms will be leading the conversation with CityMD by asking questions that matter to them, their families, and their audience.

But we want this to be a conversation amongst all moms and neighbors.  We encourage you to connect to each other and get the conversation started on Romio.  Simply go to, ask your question, and be sure to tag it with “CityMD”.  We’ll use your questions as a guide for our panel.  Ask anything from “What are some tips for picky eaters?” to “How much TV is appropriate for my child?”.  You lead the conversation.   You tell us what you want to know.

We hope you’ll join us for the panel on Saturday March 2.  Please RSVP on our EventBrite page here: